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New Neighborhood

So you’ve finally arrived at your new home.   The trucks have all been unloaded and you’re slowly getting boxes unpacked and your belongings put away.   Now it’s time to become familiar with your new surroundings, both inside your home and out.   If you have ever moved into a new home before, you know it can take some time before you begin to feel completely comfortable in the new neighborhood.  New neighbors, new grocery stores, new schools – it can all be a little overwhelming at first!  Here are 5 tips for adjusting to your new neighborhood quickly:

1. Go for a Walk

Take a break from unpacking and go for a walk.  A casual stroll through the streets of your new neighborhood will help you to become more familiar with its outlay. You’ll begin to recognize features such as parks, intersections and walking trails.  This is also a great way to bump into a new neighbor and strike up a conversation.

2. Register with the Local Homeowners Association

If you’ve purchased a new home in a community that has a homeowners association, then you are automatically considered a member of that association.  Take the time to register with the association by providing your contact information.  This will give you an opportunity to learn more about the community you moved into, including who the homeowner association officials are and when meetings are held.

3. Social Media

Many neighborhoods these days have their own Facebook page specifically for the community you live in.  Find out what the page is called and then request to be added.  While many people use these types of Facebook pages to sell used items or trade services, you will also find that there are discussions about local schools, shopping and other activities that can help you feel more a part of the community.

4. Meet Your Next Door Neighbor(s)

It’s surprising how few people have actually met their next-door neighbor these days.  It can be very easy to stay secluded and detached from neighbors if you want to. But knowing your neighbors can definitely help you become more accustomed to your new neighborhood.  Stop by with a treat or just yourself and spend a few minutes getting to know your new neighbors.

5. Talk to Local People

One of the best ways to feel connected and accepted in your community is to build relationships with those who live nearby.  When you’re at the local coffee shop or grocery store, make it a point to strike up a conversation with the people you encounter.  Chances are, they live close by and can easily turn into a friend.  If nothing else, they may be able to provide useful information about your new surroundings.

Hopefully these tips will help you become more familiar and better adjusted to your new neighborhood after you move in. Remember that your willingness to connect and your attitude will go a long way.  For information on moving or storage services, call Get Your Move On LLC at 480- 695-6621.

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