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My clients often rush so hard to get ready for moving day that they end up packing away items they might need on moving day, if not in the day or two after, while they organize their new homes. I’ve written a post to help you remember what to set aside until the main packing is over:

  • Toiletries and Medications
  • Clothes and Linens
  • Food
  • Household Items
  • Gloves and Tools

Toiletries and Medications

Remember to hold aside your most-necessary toiletries and medications. You will still need a toothbrush and toothpaste, combs and brushes. If you have already portioned out any pills or other medications you may need, this will save yourself a bit of stress and bother. Make sure you have the soap and toilet paper you need, too. It will be smart to have a first-aid kit on hand during the move, so be sure to create one or to get one from the drugstore. You never know when you might need to clean a skinned knee or bandage a cut finger.

Clothes and Linens

Pack a bag with a change or two of clothes, towels, and a set of linens for each bed in the house. Once you arrive in the new home, you will be glad to have these items accessible and ready. Our movers are extremely well-organized, but it will be nice to save yourself a few steps on moving day by having these items close at hand.


Pack plenty of food for yourself and your family. During the move you will want to have lunch or at least a snack. If you have kids you know they’ll appreciate a juice box and something to nibble on while they wait to meet their new friends.

Household Items

Be prepared for your new home with a bundle of cleaning supplies, lightbulbs, and trash bags. When you have fresh bulbs on hand, you won’t need to bother with running around to find these easily-forgotten items. The previous owners may or may not have left bulbs in the home, so be prepared.

Gloves and Tools

You will probably also want to have gloves and a few tools on hand. I generally recommend having a hammer and a few screwdrivers handy, but you might substitute the screwdrivers for a good multi-tool. In the spirit of preparedness, I’d recommend having a map of your new area, too. While cellphones are handy with maps and GPS, there is often no substitute for a paper map, particularly if you are discussing the new area with your spouse or children.


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