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The Team!

We moved Greg Kretzer in early May and he had this to say about his experience:

Fantasic move! These three guys did a great job. Y’all know how to make a move efficient, safe, and a pleasure to execute. Get Your Move On is our only choice for moving services and will be a recommended mover for anyone asking.”

-Greg Kretzer

Thanks Greg! Everyone enjoyed working with you, too! Happy clients make our job worthwhile.

One word stuck out to us in your testimonial. That word is ?safe.?

We make sure we’re safe in our everyday lives by buckling our seatbelts, double-checking safety gear for outdoor recreation, and keeping toxic chemicals away from our children. But, what about moving day? What’s so special then?

In our business, we are aware of safety issues. After all, we move very heavy objects over and through awkward spaces. Going downhill may seem like the easy route, but not to a mover – especially not the mover on the lower end, who is responsible for not letting the item slide out of control. Yet, we can always be more aware. So, we re-evaluate our procedures regularly and we look out for each other on the job.

When you work with movers, you should be assured a team of courteous, professional movers who not only place the well-being of your possessions as a top priority, but who look out for themselves. While these two things may seem contradictory, consider that if we handle your heavy piano in the safest manner to our own bodies, the piano is likely to arrive unscathed as well.

Your items will go down or upstairs in the smartest possible way. They will be tightly secured to our dollies with fresh, safe straps and you’ll see our men wearing weight belts to protect themselves. Conscientious movers avoid the emergency room while delivering your cargo without a bruise or scratch.

All moving companies know that, even with the best mover, accidents happen. That’s why we insure our movers with workers compensation packages. This way, if something were to go awry, our employee can use the insurance and not make a claim against you, our client. When we take care of our own, we are also looking out for you.

Thanks again, Greg! Your kind words helped remind us to be on the lookout for ways to improve our safety measures for the sake of our clients and for us, too.

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.