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You hire movers because you want an easy moving process that is streamlined and less stressful than doing it yourself. In order to make sure you have a successful move that meets all of these criteria, you should make sure your Phoenix mover has a truck stacked with all of the necessities.

Your moving truck should come stocked with:

Two-wheeler:  This is the traditional dolly that most people think of when it comes to moving. While these are indeed handy, your Phoenix mover should have a few more tricks up their sleeve when it comes to moving.

Four-wheeler:  This type of cart is great for the extremely heavy or awkward load. Your mover should send out more than a couple movers at a time (for example, we like to send out three) but if there are only two, dollies can help with the really heavy stuff.

Door ramp: This goes in the threshold of door and serves many functions. It prevents damage to the step leading out of the door, and also to your furniture. A Phoenix mover should not drag your furniture on the ground, but a ramp will still make walking and transporting your furniture easier.

Door jamb pads: these are one of the many protection items that a Phoenix mover should bring on any moving job. It is crucial that your doorways are protected from bumps and nicks that can occur while moving. Your doors and furniture will be grateful!

Carpet protection: With a Phoenix mover, you want to make sure your carpets are protected, both in your old home and your new home. You want to line the floors and walkways and make sure footprints are not going through your home.

A-frame:  This is another rolling cart that is shaped like the letter “A.” Usually used for breakable or fragile items, the configuration of this cart allows for an extra-smooth ride. On the A-frame you can usually find large pieces of glass, fragile items, marble tops, or mattresses.

Rubber bands: These are gigantic, thick rubber bands that are used for a lot of stuff. We pad-wrap each item and these bands are used to secure the padding onto your furniture. Typically, they go over sofas and other items and they help expedite the moving process by keeping the packing materials securely on your items.

Moving pads: Your Phoenix mover should always bring moving pads on the job. Our trucks are stocked with 80 pads on a daily basis, although we can bring more if the job warrants it. Oh, and make sure your company uses clean pads. No sense in wrapping your white sofa if you are just going to wrap it in a dirty pad.

Our favorite thing at the end of the day is a happy customer, so we use all of this different equipment to make sure you are happy with when it is complete (and during).

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.