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When move-in day arrives, we deliver each clearly-labeled box to the room where it belongs, for unpacking that is free of confusion — another happy ending for a Get Your Move On client. 

“His crew was professional, courteous and definitely on time. They were sensitive about ensuring that the stoves (even the one for donation!) remained intact and without damage of any kind. We appreciated the work and time and would definitely consider them for future projects.” -Yvonne Hunter


Our customers often gasp with pleasure when we deliver their furniture from storage. They’ll say things like, “It’s as clean as it was in my home!” That scenario is no accident: At pick-up, our guys wrap padded blankets all around each piece of furniture. the neat packages stay wrapped throughout their time in our warehouse, under climate-controlled conditions.

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Get Your Move On is different! We plan for the unexpected, and can quickly locate any item you specify at any time during storage. Here’s how: Our box labels precisely identify each item inside and the room it’s destined for. We purposely stack your boxes room by room, so they’ll be in apple pie order if you call for an item. If you do call, we can lay our hands on any item, pronto.
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As an optional convenience to dealers, we can collect our service fee directly from the purchasing customer as a COD item. We provide invoices to the store and/or client, including copies of damage manifests, if applicable. Damage manifests are documented prior to delivery.
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We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.