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Get Your Move On specializes in careful moving services for people who care how their belongings are handled. Anybody with a little brawn can carry furniture from here to there, but what about the disappointing nicks and scratches and random breakage many movers leave behind? Our unique Pampered Moving Process dramatically minimizes the wear and tear of moving. We protect furniture by wrapping it completely in padded blankets. We even protect clients’ homes from footprints and from nicks on walls and doorways.


Antiques require special handling. We never use a dolly, but carry all antiques by hand to eliminate bumps and jarring. Our expertise is well known: Dealers call on us to disassemble and reassemble complicated pieces that are easily damaged, such as intricate and fragile French or German armoires. Our thick padding protects each piece throughout carrying, storage, and transport.

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We don’t just go through the motions of packing. We conscientiously pack all dishware and glassware with the serious intention of getting it to its destination in one piece. Whether it’s everyday “good” dishware or the finest china and crystal, we know you are moving it because you want to keep it — so, we use proven procedures every time.

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Always faithful to your specifications, we can work with your concierge and complete the entire move, leaving you free to take care of other matters. Our high rise carting system carries more items on each elevator trip, for a quicker, more efficient move.

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