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Just moving across town can be a chore, but it can turn into an elaborate circus with multiple problems when you’re moving out of state. You’re closing one house while trying to coordinate tasks and move into another – in a new community!

When it comes to relocating your life and everything you own, most consumers discover they have four options; DIY, van lines, moving and storage brokers, and a moving company. Below we break down the general or typical “pros” and “cons” related to each solution.

Hopefully, this information will help you decide which option is best for you!

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1. DIY Relocation, All On You

Many people move on their own without any help from professionals. Friends and family members offer free or cheap labor. You save money by renting your truck and driving yourself to your new residence in your new community.

  • You help and you can be easily injured.
  • You and your friends are unskilled movers, expertise in packaging, loading, unloading, moving procedures, and logistics comes from experience and training over time.
  • You are financially responsible for the safety of everyone and yourself - while they pick up boxes, carry them around, and even when you're driving.
  • You will spend a lot of time dealing with the move, losing out on opportunities to spend time on more important things.
  • Your belongings could be damaged, and when you DIY-move, there's no insurance to cover your loss.
  • When you get to your new place, you either pay for help, pay for your friends to stay somewhere while they help you, or tackle things alone.
  • You may be responsible for getting your friends home and for their food, drinks, and gas (both ways!).
  • You risk wasting money on renting tools or buying tools you'll use once.
  • You risk embarking on a journey with fewer resources than you need.
  • You are always involved in all aspects of the move, you are fully accountable, and you are left alone to solve every issue quickly.

  • You get more control over the move.
  • You can save a lot of money.

Image of a Van Line vehicle with blue cab

2. Van Lines

Van lines are available in most cities and are another popular solution for consumers moving out of Arizona. These providers offer various long-distance moving services to save customers money when they relocate from Arizona to another state.

We recommend van lines only to individuals with a lot of moving experience and the extra time it takes to set things up with van lines. Independent contractors and small moving companies often use Van lines, too.

Some van lines offer services that “seem” comparable to services provided by professional moving companies. In reality, the van line model is inefficient, and if things go bad, you could end up waiting for weeks to finish your move.

In short, van lines are a good option for experienced movers who have extra time, know what to expect, and can navigate moving obstacles.

  • Lower-costs.
  • More help is available than DIY.
  • Experienced people are around to help you and answer questions.
  • It can be a complete solution.
  • You have more control over the move.
  • You can pick individual upgrades and add-ons and customize your moving solutions.

  • You have to work within time-frames that you picked when you scheduled everything.
  • Changing something after things start is difficult.
  • You do not have a single person to rely on for updates, information, and answers.
  • You get time-ranges, not exact times, making it difficult to plan your move.
  • Multiple companies and contractors involved.
  • No accountability on one person.
  • High risk of shady day laborers on your move.
  • When things go poorly, very hard to get resolved.

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3. Moving Brokers

A moving broker is an agent who connects movers with moving companies. The most significant advantage of using a broker is that they have many companies they work with, so you may find a better rate (or at least what looks like a better rate) and enjoy greater flexibility in choosing a moving day. Just like DIY interstate moves, hiring a relocation broker does have risks. The most significant downside for using a broker is the strict rules they must follow, which often harms their customer’s experience. Plus, a broker is not a moving company; they connect movers with moving companies and earn a commission. Good brokers work hard and can help you complete a successful relocation. Unfortunately, some bad brokers and moving companies intentionally create low estimates, then charge more for delivery, and refuse to deliver unless you pay them additional money. Plus, when using brokers to hire a moving company, communication and customer service are often non-existent because the broker and the moving company have different schedules and goals; they have other objectives. Do your research and make sure you’re working with a legitimate broker registered with the FMCSA. Know your rights and check out the moving company the broker is using.

Get Your Move On - Professional Moving Company

4. Professional Movers

Local companies that provide moving services can be a perfect balance between DIY, moving brokers, and United Van Lines. With a local company, you can tailor the services in your contract to make it more affordable. You’re dealing directly with the movers instead of a third party so you can get a better feel for their reputation and care. You may also find local references to give you peace of mind. Although professional movers are more expensive than a DIY move, there are many benefits to professionals:

  • Insurance and accountability – the moving company is responsible for making sure your belongings arrive safely without damage- less stress on you.
  • Expediency – the experience of professionals means that your move will go smoothly, even when issues pop up, like getting your huge couch out the front door. Professionals know how to pack and transport your belongings to protect items from damage.
  • Safety – your items are not the only things to worry about when moving. You don’t want to damage your old house as you leave, nor do you want to worry about dents and dings in the new place. Let’s not forget physical injuries to your friends, family, and yourself. Even if you’re in peak physical health, if you’re not used to hauling heavy furniture, it’s easy to strain a muscle and put yourself out of commission for a few days.
  • Less hassle – packing your entire home is not a job for the faint of heart. It takes knowledge to make sure your belongings are safe during transport. It takes time to pack everything. Even if you do have friends and family help, you’ll still need to oversee the process. Then, there’s an emotional element. As you come across souvenirs, you may be distracted by stories of the “time when you went to Hawaii,” not getting as much done as you initially hoped.

We might be biased, but we think professional movers are the best option for interstate moves. The benefits outweigh the increased cost because you have less stress.

Get Your Move On, LLC is a top moving company in Arizona, and yes, we almost always recommend hiring a moving company. We do this because we believe that most of our customers’ best option is to hire a professional moving company. That said, if we think you’ll be best off utilizing another service, we will let you know and give a reliable recommendation! Give us a call for a complimentary consultation.

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