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Company Status during the COVID-19 Crisis

During the month of March 2020, Governor Doug Ducey issued Essential Business and Stay at Home Executive Orders In response to the constantly developing and changing COVID-19 Pandemic. Get Your Move On LLC. & Plush Installation LLC. as Moving and Storage Companies are considered essential businesses and remain open and operating.

Be assured that Get Your Move On and Plush Installation have taken, continue to take, and will take and adapt as needed any and all steps to assure the health and safety of every one of our clients and employees throughout the current situation.


Currently, the state of day to day life changes daily, even hourly. Our leadership personnel are constantly staying updated on any changes and implementing adaptations needed for our companies to meet these. Any vital changes that require us to update our client base will be posted on this page. We want to offer complete transparency in how we are adapting and coping within our company and operations, as things develop and hopefully diminish at this point.

Get Your Move On Employee Sanitizing Truck
Get Your Move On Employee Sanitizing Truck

What have we done

For weeks now, we have been training our staff on practicing universal and CDC recommended precautions for protecting themselves and others including but not limited to:

Get Your Move On Employee Sanitizing Truck
Get Your Move On Employee Cleaning

How you can help, and what you can expect:

Please understand that in efforts to protect our crews, any customer showing symptoms of illness or failing to take proper precautions might force us to suspend their move. If you or someone in your household has any symptoms or issues, please disclose any pertinent details to office staff prior to your job so we can act appropriately to keep everyone safe.

Please assure that your home is cleaned and disinfected prior to your scheduled move.

Please provide a bathroom space for our crews to use if needed with a functioning sink so the crew members can wash hands regularly for everyone’s safety.

Please take the intent of this communication seriously while we all navigate these unprecedented times and circumstances, We will do all we can to keep communications open and transparent and ask for you to do the same with us.

We work every day to “Change the way people feel about movers”. In these current times, this is even more pertinent than usual. We want everyone to be safe and healthy, and to provide for your needs with as little stress and risk as possible. We will get through this together, while we help get you through your move with some ease of mind.

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.