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What Not to Pack

What Not To Pack

There are so many items to pack in preparation for a move that it’s important to take a break and consider what you shouldn’t pack. Some of these things will seem silly to some people, but it’s good to go ahead and review some of this just in case you’re tempted to pack something for the movers which needs to be handled by yourself. This post discusses a few items to not pack on your move, such as: (more…)

What to Pack Last


My clients often rush so hard to get ready for moving day that they end up packing away items they might need on moving day, if not in the day or two after, while they organize their new homes. I’ve written a post to help you remember what to set aside until the main packing is over: (more…)

How to Interview Professional Movers

Interviewing Movers

Once you’ve narrowed your search for home movers down to a few good candidates, it’s time to interview them so that you’re confident in your choice. I’ve been interviewed by more clients than I can count and I’ve found some clients who were thorough in the questions they asked and others who could have asked for a few extra details. So, I wrote this post to help fill in a few gaps you might miss in the interview process, gaps I always try to fill but which not every mover will. This post will cover these interview topics: (more…)

Our Moving Process

Our Moving Process

What does it take to make a successful move? I believe it takes solid communication. Sure, organizing and labeling a room’s contents into boxes and pad-wrapping furniture are important, but communicating is something that is vital. After all, moving day is a major day in the history of your family, so to have everyone on the same page is really important. Here’s how we achieve that from start to finish: (more…)

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