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Getting Ready for Commercial Moves

Phoenix Commercial Movers

Commercial moves differ from residential moves in many ways. They generally involve far more people, must only slightly (if at all) interrupt the daily operations of the client, and generally entail a larger volume of items. There are heat issues to consider, as each office can have heat-sensitive computer equipment, and files must be carefully boxed and labeled for a smooth transition to their new home. This post will take a look at various aspects of a commercial move: (more…)

Phoenix Mover Equipment – Starts with the Truck

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You hire movers because you want an easy moving process that is streamlined and less stressful than doing it yourself. In order to make sure you have a successful move that meets all of these criteria, you should make sure your Phoenix mover has a truck stacked with all of the necessities.

Your moving truck should come stocked with:

Two-wheeler:  This is the traditional dolly that most people think of when it comes to moving. While these are indeed handy, your Phoenix mover should have a few more tricks up their sleeve when it comes to moving.

Four-wheeler:  This type of cart is great for the extremely heavy or awkward load. Your mover should send out more than a couple movers at a time (for example, we like to send out three) but if there are only two, dollies can help with the really heavy stuff.

Door ramp: This goes in the threshold of door and serves many functions. It prevents damage to the step leading out of the door, and also to your furniture. A Phoenix mover should not drag your furniture on the ground, but a ramp will still make walking and transporting your furniture easier.

Door jamb pads: these are one of the many protection items that a Phoenix mover should bring on any moving job. It is crucial that your doorways are protected from bumps and nicks that can occur while moving. Your doors and furniture will be grateful!

Carpet protection: With a Phoenix mover, you want to make sure your carpets are protected, both in your old home and your new home. You want to line the floors and walkways and make sure footprints are not going through your home.

A-frame:  This is another rolling cart that is shaped like the letter “A.” Usually used for breakable or fragile items, the configuration of this cart allows for an extra-smooth ride. On the A-frame you can usually find large pieces of glass, fragile items, marble tops, or mattresses.

Rubber bands: These are gigantic, thick rubber bands that are used for a lot of stuff. We pad-wrap each item and these bands are used to secure the padding onto your furniture. Typically, they go over sofas and other items and they help expedite the moving process by keeping the packing materials securely on your items.

Moving pads: Your Phoenix mover should always bring moving pads on the job. Our trucks are stocked with 80 pads on a daily basis, although we can bring more if the job warrants it. Oh, and make sure your company uses clean pads. No sense in wrapping your white sofa if you are just going to wrap it in a dirty pad.

Our favorite thing at the end of the day is a happy customer, so we use all of this different equipment to make sure you are happy with when it is complete (and during).

Three Tips for Choosing Office Moving Companies

With hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space available in Phoenix for low rates, many companies decide to make their home here. Whether you are just starting out and need furniture and office equipment moved to your new location, or you are relocating your office from one place to another, you need office moving companies you can trust.

The more offices a locale has, the more office moving companies you will find. If you are the decision-maker for a big office move and you make the wrong decision, you can cost your company tons of money. This is not a misstep you want to make. How do you find the perfect company for your move?

Here are some tips of what to look for in office moving companies:

1.       How involved are they in the process?

For a move as important as an office move, you should have a project manager assigned that follows your move through from beginning to end. You should expect a personalized visit from the moving company to go over your move.

Your point-of-contact from the moving company should be available to you if you need to talk or go over anything. A lot of office moving companies in Phoenix will draw diagrams of your move and the master plan. You can have copies of these if you wish to be so involved.

Office moves require even more detail and organization than a residential move. Choosing an experienced company that knows what to do to make everything go smoothly is essential.

2.       How do they handle the move?

Do they expect you to pack your items or do they help with this? Do they set up computers after the move is over or leave that to you? What about the walls and hallways of your business? Do they leave these in good condition or is everything left a mess with ding marks and dirt?

These may seem like simple questions but they are important ones to answer. You are likely leasing the space you are moving from as well as the space you are moving to, and it is important that everything is handled with the utmost care.

3.       Are they a well-recognized business?

Nowadays, if a company does not have an internet presence, you may as well count them out. With all of the online review sites such as Yelp and Google+ Local, you should be able to find a company with good reviews and a transparent presence.

Office moving companies should be recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have a good rating. Don’t settle for a company with a shoddy rating. There are a lot of movers in Phoenix you can choose from and you do not have to settle.

Look for companies that work with other reputable organizations such as Angie’s List. Movers that have a good reputation with companies like these can be trusted.

Moving an entire office is quite an undertaking. It must be done with an excellent plan and care and protection for your office items. Follow our tips for choosing office moving companies and your Phoenix office move will be smooth.


Phoenix Office Movers are the Key to a Worry-Free Move

Moving from one place to another can cause headaches and a lot of problems, especially for those who fail to choose moving companies that easily adhere to client needs. This is one of the primary reasons why choosing moving companies requires diligence and intensive screening.

In an office setting, this can be more troublesome and stressful compared to moving to another home. This is because a corporate move means that you have no control over certain things, and you have to follow specific guidelines provided by the company. Also, there may be rather sensitive materials that require proper care and protection while moving. An office move that is not well-planned can lead to a lot of trouble if days or even hours of work are lost. Phoenix has a lot of offices and companies choose Phoenix because of the locale, low employment tax, and cheap rent on buildings. For these reasons, it is easy to move offices around, and Phoenix office movers are up to the task.

Organizing Your Move

Having good, well equipped, and systematic movers is not the only thing to consider when moving. Moving a corporation can be especially tricky, especially if things are not planned out in advance. One of the most important things to consider, especially in choosing your movers, is the cost of the entire service. The key to a great office move is to find a company that is efficient all around – costs, time and in doing business.

Phoenix office movers typically protect and transport items from your old location to a new one. This means that all other tasks, including the organization of files, information dissemination to your employees, and securing important files and equipment are your responsibility.

Corresponding with everyone prior to the relocation date is extremely important because this will greatly decrease your worries, not only in moving, but also when you’ve relocated to your new building or office space.

Create A Floor Plan

It is very helpful to create and provide your employees with a floor plan of your new work space. This will allow everyone to plan out their move, to know what things to bring with them and what can be left behind, and most importantly, what to expect at the new place.

Information Dissemination

It is easier, not only for you but for everyone in the company (employees, etc.), if the moving company is informed of the exact moving plans weeks before it actually happens. Since the role of moving company is to relocate your things from one place to another, the movers ought to be told the exact location for each item of furniture or object. This will greatly help and reduce the work that needs to be done in the moving process, which will also decrease your worries.


To ensure that all things are in place, and to help the mover in giving you quality service and managing your things, it will help to label every object, either by posting names, numbers, or codes on it, or by using colors to separate objects. Logically, the labels must be made visible. This will help in saving time and effort not only on your part, but for the movers as well.

Secure Everything

Phoenix office movers cannot be made liable for damages, especially if they are moving supposedly secure items and you or your employees failed to make them secure. Before moving day, make sure that all personal items, files, storage cabinets, and things such as desks, chairs, and other items are properly secured to avoid injury and damages. If some objects are to be left behind, make sure to have a proper label on them also, because this will cause confusion and additional costs on your part if you unnecessarily move items.

Since there are so many Phoenix office movers to choose from, selecting the right one is critical in moving your corporation from one location to another, but so is proper preparation and precautionary measures. Choosing reputable movers is helpful in reducing costs and ensuring that you get the service that you pay for. Moving offices can be very risky, especially if you don’t use a good moving company and you fail to organize your staff. Therefore, be efficient, reduce risks, and be prepared. Doing all these can help you to be worry-free and can also help you save a lot of money.

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