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How to Interview Professional Movers

Interviewing Movers

Once you’ve narrowed your search for home movers down to a few good candidates, it’s time to interview them so that you’re confident in your choice. I’ve been interviewed by more clients than I can count and I’ve found some clients who were thorough in the questions they asked and others who could have asked for a few extra details. So, I wrote this post to help fill in a few gaps you might miss in the interview process, gaps I always try to fill but which not every mover will. This post will cover these interview topics: (more…)

5 Ways to Find a Trustworthy Mover

Trustworthy Mover

Finding a trustworthy mover to help you and your family settle comfortably in a new home is a huge priority. Since looking through the phone book isn’t really an option anymore, here are some tips to help you navigate the online world so you can find a reputable mover. My Top 5 list is below, with #5 being the least recommended way and #1 being the best. Enjoy! (more…)

Five Key Questions to Ask Your Mover


It’s important to request an estimate from a moving company prior to moving day. This way, you will know what to expect. During this time you can get to know your movers, on top of getting a handle on how each one prices their services. When they come to assess your moving job, have a few questions on hand for them. You might even write them down so that you learn as much as you need. I’ve narrowed down these questions to five key queries I find particularly important after my years in the moving business: (more…)

Why Get Your Move On?

Get Your Move On

There are many moving companies in the Phoenix area. Some may do a great job. So, why makes Get Your Move On stand out from the pack? Why are we the very best moving company in the Phoenix area? I may be biased, but I do have some simple facts to share which will make it clear as to why we are number one:  (more…)

Our Moving Process

Our Moving Process

What does it take to make a successful move? I believe it takes solid communication. Sure, organizing and labeling a room’s contents into boxes and pad-wrapping furniture are important, but communicating is something that is vital. After all, moving day is a major day in the history of your family, so to have everyone on the same page is really important. Here’s how we achieve that from start to finish: (more…)

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