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Tips for Moving Your Antiques to Phoenix

moving antiques

When you move, you want your antiques to arrive at your destination as smoothly as possible. After all, they may be items that were handed down to you from your parents and grandparents or items on which you spent a great deal of money. Whether you are moving to the Phoenix area from across the country, across the state of Arizona or just across town, here are ways to ensure your antiques arrive safely.


Moving Companies in AZ that Move Antiques

Moving Companies in AZYour family heirlooms and precious antiques are probably giving you anxiety. Not because you have them, but because now you have to move them. Whom can you trust with this precious cargo? With moving companies in AZ, you certainly have to be careful what type of company you choose.

Here are some tips we have learned from being in the industry:


You want movers who have experience moving antiques. Contact high-end furniture and antique stores and ask them what they look for in a mover. We are an approved mover for several of these types of stores in the Valley, but not all moving companies in AZ are. Call these stores and ask their advice. They will give it to you.

In addition to the recommendations from the furniture companies, think about who you want in your home? Do you want a happy mover who is recommended and taken care of by their company, or a mover from a company with a high turnover rate who is disgruntled? Seems like an easy decision.

Good Movers

An angry or overtired mover is certainly not going to treat your belongings with respect. If you are looking for moving companies in AZ to move your antiques, then you should definitely not go with the cheapest bid, and I will tell you why. Moving does have costs. Trucks, fuel, materials and wages are some of the costs a moving company faces. Here are some bonuses you get if your movers are treated the right way:

  • Well-treated
  • Paid well
  • Not overworked
  • On time
  • In uniform
  • Excellent attitude
  • They do not roll their eyes
  • Yes ma’am and no ma’am
  • Carefully wrap furniture
  • Have a little giddy’up

These are just some of the expectations you can have from moving companies in AZ that move a lot of antiques

Special Furniture Wrapping

You would think that most moving companies in AZ would be extra-careful with antiques, but unfortunately they are not all great, and there is only so much quality you can expect for two guys and a truck at $49.95 per hour. Antiques tend to have a lot of intricacies in their design, and the wrapping process should take this into account

Stay on Site

You want movers that will go through your home with you on moving day while you point out the most delicate and special antique items. They should take note of everything that needs special attention. Yes, you pay movers by the hour, but they still need to take care with these irreplaceable items. Viewing the whole scene first will help the movers make your move efficient yet still careful.

Check out this endorsement from a fine furniture store in the Valley regarding our ability to move fine and antique furniture:

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