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Welcome to our “Meet Your Movers” page. Get Your Move On is proud of our team of full-time Phoenix professional movers and we understand that they are our company’s most important asset. We seek, recruit, and retain the finest movers from across Phoenix and across the country.

Moving is extremely physical work and requires conditioning to maintain a fast, safe and efficient pace throughout the day. It requires intellect and logic to make smart decisions on the fly to variables that arise throughout the course of a move. It also requires physical strength to safely move extremely heavy and sensitive items without succumbing to fatigue on even the longest and hottest of days. Our movers also must possess lots of heart to step up when the most extreme of scenarios arise which inevitably do in this industry. Through experience, we have learned that ex-student athletes are the most viable movers and typically possess the characteristics and qualities tantamount to making a great mover.

We like to hire well-mannered and experienced movers they are the reason Get Your Move On, LLC has built and continually maintained their distinguished reputation. Learn more about our recruiting, training and accountability systems below.

When you book your move with us, a day or so prior to your move, you will receive a move confirmation email message including date, start time, and pictures and bios of your assigned moving crew.

Derek - CEO
Carmen - Office Manager
Genny - Administrative
Ricco - AR/Storage
Chad - Mover
Clemente - Mover
Matt R - Mover
Rogelio- Mover
Tyler - Mover
Ben - Mover
Va'a - Mover
AI - Mover
Mona - Mover
Delon - Mover
Frank - Mover
Gilbert - Mover
Louis - Mover
Matt T - Mover
Michael - Mover
Carlos - Mover
George - Mover
Miles - Mover
Gary - Mover
Nathaniel - Mover
David T - Mover
James - Mover
Nate - Mover
Kerron - Mover
Jonathan - Mover
Dominic - Mover
Talanoa - Mover


Some of our movers have played high school sports competitively, some at the college level. Sports include football, baseball, soccer, and more golfers than you might expect. Interested? Just ask our movers. They will be happy to talk to you about their glory days.

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Our training program has proven effective in reducing damage claims, customer service issues and complaints. Our movers know that their high performance allows us to focus energy on the moves ahead instead of problems in the past, increases profit, and allows us to maintain the highest pay-rates in the industry. We work as a team with one goal – improving the customer experience.

Training Movers for Get Your Move On


We follow-up with all of our clients shortly after their move and we are wholly dedicated to handling any issues that occurred on move day in a prompt, professional and an especially satisfactory manner.

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We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.