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We’re a local, Phoenix, family-owned moving and storage company with three trucks and a warehouse. Derek Greene recognized that there was an opportunity in the industry for a company willing to provide exceptional customer service.

In 2005, Derek established just such a company Get Your Move On, LLC. To set his high standards, Derek started with a guarantee that is simple and profound: We thrive on excellence and customer service and we guarantee 100% satisfaction to every customer. To assure consistent fulfillment of the guarantee, Derek created a set of procedures and methods that would provide for a secure, customer-pleasing moving process. We call that set of procedures our Pampered Moving Process.

Get Your Move On has built a relationship with some of the Valley’s most desirable condominiums. Being in a position to satisfy this tier of client has proven that these partnerships are mutually beneficial to client and high rise facility alike. We have continually committed ourselves to providing clients with a stress free moving experience and our partners are often thanked for introducing us to their clients.

Get Your Move On currently employs 18 full-time employees, all of whom have been with us more than a year. Each one is well-trained and experienced in using our methods to assure you a smooth and uneventful moving experience. Learn more about our Crew Members.

Derek - CEO
Carmen - Office Manager
Genny - Administrative
Ricco - AR/Storage
Chad - Mover
Clemente - Mover
Matt R - Mover
Rogelio- Mover
Tyler - Mover
Ben - Mover
Va'a - Mover
AI - Mover
Mona - Mover
Delon - Mover
Frank - Mover
Gilbert - Mover
Louis - Mover
Matt T - Mover
Michael - Mover
Carlos - Mover
George - Mover
Miles - Mover
Gary - Mover
Nathaniel - Mover
David T - Mover
James - Mover
Nate - Mover
Kerron - Mover
Jonathan - Mover
Dominic - Mover
Talanoa - Mover


Derek Greene has recruited his own team of movers using personality and skill guidelines. Each Get Your Move On employee is courteous, careful and kind. Get Your Move On maintains crew quality by constantly measuring their performance. Learn more about our crew on the Roster page.

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Our Mission is to provide a level of experience you wouldn’t expect for a moving company through dedicated teamwork, superior customer service and excellence in operations and follow through. Everyone on the Get Your Move On team shares values in line with our company’s: Integrity, Excellence, Commitment and Service.

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As an optional convenience to dealers, we can collect our service fee directly from the purchasing customer as a COD item. We provide invoices to the store and/or client, including copies of damage manifests, if applicable. Damage manifests are documented prior to delivery.

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We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.