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Packing up your home and moving is stressful any time of year, but it is especially hard on the nerves during the hot and humid summer months.  Here are some tips to help you stay cool, calm and collected if you’re planning to pack up and move this summer:

1. Line Up a Moving Company
As soon as you have a moving date, make an appointment with a reputable moving company like Get Your Move On, LLC to come out and give you estimates on the cost.  This will help you determine your budget while paring down the number of items you actually need to move to the new residence. Once you decide which mover to hire, schedule a date for them to come out and pack things up and set the moving date as well. The summer months are the busiest for movers, especially the last and beginning few days of each month.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Items
Start sorting through your belongings to determine what you will be taking with you, what you can sell at a garage or yard sale, and what you should donate or toss out.  Make sure you get any necessary permits if you’re holding a garage sale.  Put up flyers around the neighborhood advertising your sale and attach prices to each item you’re selling.  For items that don’t sell, donate them to Goodwill or a local thrift store.

3. Make Arrangements for the Elderly, Children and Pets
If you have seniors, small children and/or pets, make arrangements for them to be cared for during the move.  You can book an air-conditioned hotel room or ask a friend or family member to watch them for you at their home.  You can take your dog/cat to an animal daycare or to your friend’s house in a secure carrier. This keeps all family members safe and secure and out of the hot summer sun during the move.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

You can avoid heat exhaustion by drinking plenty of cold water and drinks while munching on snacks throughout moving day.  Take some breaks when packing, moving and unpacking, especially when you’re carrying heavy items.  Be considerate of your movers by offering them cool drinks and snacks as well. It also helps to have a cooler on hand with some chilled damp hand towels.  Pick a shady spot to set up some chairs so that your movers can rest from time to time out of the sun with a cool drink.

5. Protect Certain Items
Some things just shouldn’t be transported in a hot truck, which means you need to plan on taking these things in the car with you.  This would include: cosmetics, aerosol cans, candles, chocolate candy and electronic devices.  It makes no sense to try and move food. Do your best to eat everything before moving day.  Don’t forget to look at the expiration dates to make sure things are still safe for consumption.  If you have non-perishable items remaining in your pantry, you might want to donate those to a local food bank.  Otherwise, you can request Move for Hunger marked boxes from Get Your Move On and they will come out to pick up those food items that you would likely be tossing out.  Once you’re at the new house, sit down and relax with a cool drink and just chill out.  You’ll get to the unpacking soon enough, but now it’s time for a break.  If all of this sounds overwhelming, you can certainly hire a full service moving company like Get Your Move On to take care of the entire move for you to handle all the aspects of your move.

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