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People move for all kinds of reasons: for a new job, to be near family, to downsize, to enjoy city life, or to start a new life! Whatever reason you have for moving, you may need to put some things in short-term storage while getting organized into a new place.  It can give you some breathing room if things are hard to let go of or determine what you’ll need and not need while you settle in.  Here are some helpful hints to help you decide what things would be best going in storage when it comes time to move:

Separate Your Items by Season
If you’re moving someplace that goes through all four seasons, it’s clear you won’t need snow gear in the summer.  Separate out your snowshoes and boots, snow tires for the car, and so on.  The same goes for packing up the summer gear if moving where it’s the middle of winter.  If you’ve got a bunch of patio furniture you won’t want to leave it outside in the snow, so it too goes into your storage unit.  Make sure you rent one large enough!  If you’re packing a lot of clothing, choose a storage unit that is controlled for temperature and humidity, and make sure your clothes are clean. Otherwise, you’ll find an unpleasant smelly mess when you reopen those boxes.

Don’t Get Rid of Furniture You Might Want Down The Road
Moving to a new home is exciting. It gives you a chance to redecorate and change things up a bit. If the furniture you currently have doesn’t exactly compliment your new space, but you aren’t ready to sell or get rid of it, just wrap it in plastic and put it in storage.  If you have a large comfortable sectional, too many end tables or other items that you can’t find spots for right now, hang onto them.  In a few months the perfect spot might appear.  Check our list of common storage mistakes so your furniture is packed up properly and looks great when it’s time to move it into the new place.

Hang Onto Family Keepsakes & Mementos
If you’re trying to downsize, it’s easy to consider getting rid of all those photo albums and mementos and that you’re really not going to look through all this stuff again.  Many people have come to regret these decisions later on because these are things you cannot replace.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, so get a top-quality storage unit to keep these things safe and damage-free while you make your move.  If your unit doesn’t come with shelves, you can easily bring in some portable units so you can organize these particular boxes for easy access when you start missing these items and come back to get them.

Antiques Can Easily Be Stored for Safekeeping
Your grandfather clock may not fit in with the contemporary design of your new place, but this is not the sort of item that you would ever sell!  Think about having your antique items professionally packed and stored for safekeeping. Insurance is a must because you never know when disaster might strike, plus you need a storage unit that is safe and secure.  The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your great-grandmother’s chandelier when you’re busy venturing out in your new city.  To save the time and the annoyance of having to dig through box after box in the future, look at our organizing tips for storage units.  We are happy to help you get through this move as stress-free as possible, and that includes making sure everything you place in storage is well organized, safe and secure.

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