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Closing escrow on your existing home but the new one’s not ready yet?

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Moving is always an emotional experience, especially when you’ve sold your existing home and are waiting to close on your new one.  Adding to the emotions of having to say “goodbye” to a place you’ve called home for years, and perhaps friends and family as well, is the stress of getting the loan and all the paperwork finalized, submitted and approved. Timing is key, and it’s often difficult, if not impossible to make a smooth transition.  What happens if you have to move out before you can move into your new place? How are you going to work out the logistics?  

First of all, you’re going to need help.  Trying to manage everything by yourself can be overwhelming.  If your new home won’t be available or move-in ready when the time comes and you have to be out, you’ll need to find a temporary place to reside.  In many cities there are residence hotels with and all the conveniences of home in the rooms, including a full-service kitchen.  Many apartment complexes have units set aside for short-term rental.  These are sometimes referred to as “corporate housing” since they’re often occupied by the families of business people relocating for a new job.


What To Put In Storage?

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People move for all kinds of reasons: for a new job, to be near family, to downsize, to enjoy city life, or to start a new life! Whatever reason you have for moving, you may need to put some things in short-term storage while getting organized into a new place.  It can give you some breathing room if things are hard to let go of or determine what you’ll need and not need while you settle in.  Here are some helpful hints to help you decide what things would be best going in storage when it comes time to move:

Separate Your Items by Season
If you’re moving someplace that goes through all four seasons, it’s clear you won’t need snow gear in the summer.  Separate out your snowshoes and boots, snow tires for the car, and so on.  The same goes for packing up the summer gear if moving where it’s the middle of winter.  If you’ve got a bunch of patio furniture you won’t want to leave it outside in the snow, so it too goes into your storage unit.  Make sure you rent one large enough!  If you’re packing a lot of clothing, choose a storage unit that is controlled for temperature and humidity, and make sure your clothes are clean. Otherwise, you’ll find an unpleasant smelly mess when you reopen those boxes.


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