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3 Tips For Managing Pregnancy & Morning Sickness While Moving:

You were excited when your partner came home and told you about the new job offer.  Yes, you would need to move to lessen the commute, but it would be fun looking for a new home.  Then what happened is that you got another surprise! You found out you were pregnant.  It’s a really exciting time for you, and the timing seems good since you’d need a larger home anyway.

But unfortunately, you didn’t factor in how you’d feel when you have all this planning and packing to do.  You can hardly leave the bathroom you’re so nauseous.  It comes in waves and you never know when you’re going to be sick. Is there any way to manage morning sickness so that you can get through your move?

1. Adjust Your Eating Habits
When you start feeling queasy, the thought of eating anything makes it worse. You can’t even have a taste of those rich greasy dishes you love so much. Your appetite is gone.  The problem is that low blood sugar makes morning sickness worse so you feel more tired and light-headed.  To avoid feeling worse, nibble on small snacks throughout the day.

Every pregnant woman is different in terms of what foods they can tolerate, but many agree that bland carbohydrates, like soda crackers, pretzels, dry toast or potato chips can quickly settle their stomach.  Other women respond well to ginger snaps, citrus candies and herbal teas.  Just test out different types of foods and keep track of what works and what doesn’t.  Then make sure you have these foods handy on moving day.

2. Give Yourself Time So You Don’t Have to Rush
If you only have a few weeks to pack up everything, you may be a bit frantic about finishing your to-do list on time.  You may be putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get up early, sort through things, pack, tape up, and label the boxes before moving on to the next cupboard or room.

But for many women, sudden movements bring on a new wave of nausea, just like motion sickness.  You have to give yourself time so that your movements can be slow and measured.  When you awaken in the morning, have a few soda crackers and take your time, perhaps resting for another half hour before getting out of bed to start your day. It helps if you do some light exercises like prenatal yoga.  Or you might find that an easy walk in the morning helps your nausea.  If necessary, see what you can do to give yourself more time to move, perhaps by extending your moving date to allow you more time to organize and pack your belongings.

3. Sip Liquids to Keep Yourself Hydrated
When you vomit several times in the morning and even throughout the day, you will become dehydrated.  This in turn leads to more nausea, perpetuating a vicious cycle.  Some women become so dehydrated from morning sickness that they need to be hospitalized to receive IV fluids.

If you are lifting heavy items and boxes and find yourself perspiring, this too can cause dehydration.  If the weather is hot and humid, you can easily become overheated from taking on too much, which can also cause dehydration and even more nausea.

To play it safe, keep bottled water on hand and sip frequently. If you don’t really like plain water, just add a little mint or lemon to help settle your stomach.  I wouldn’t recommend using sugar because it might cause a spike in blood sugar, which could make you feel even worse.

Help is Available if You Need It
Pregnant women have varying levels of morning sickness. Some women just feel nauseous now and then, while other women vomit all day long for weeks and even months on end.  The tips offered above can help control some symptoms, but if you need more help you should definitely see your doctor.

There is medication available that your doctor can prescribe or he or she might recommend some lifestyle changes to control your morning sickness.  If you have small children, ask your partner and other relatives to help you out when you’re too sick or weak to chase them around.  Plus, Get Your Move On can provide a team to pack everything up including all your clothes, personal items, furniture and appliances without you having to lift a finger.  Schedule your free in-home estimate and moving consultation today here.

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