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Fine Art & Sculptures Require Extra Precautions When Being Moved

You may be a personal collector moving to a new residence, own a museum or gallery in the midst of changing locations, or a professional moving company hired to safely move artwork.  If you have to move delicate sculptures and pieces of fine art your overriding concern will be how to do this without sustaining any damage.  Artwork is typically delicate, heavy and cumbersome and any damage can irreparably ruin its value.

Packing up and moving artwork is almost an art in itself, as no two pieces are alike and each one has its own particular concerns that must be addressed.  Moving a giant marble sculpture is very different than moving a small, yet irreplaceable painting.  However, there are some very reliable moving methods that have been used over the years to protect valuable artwork:

How to Safely Transport Priceless Artwork
Artwork must be treated separately from all other items being moved.  Each piece must be given special attention to ensure that it is packed in a manner that addresses its particular needs:

To make absolutely sure that a painting can be safely transported, a wooden case should be built around it, customized to its exact dimensions. Upon arrival, it can be disassembled.  A sturdy wooden crate built to fit the painting, wrapped in moving blankets will protect it against other furniture bumping into it during the move, changing humidity and other possible risks.

There are moving companies that will not want to go to this much trouble, but even if inadequate packing works 99% of the time, there is a chance that the move could prove disastrous.  Some paintings require a climate-controlled environment; otherwise the delicate pigments can sustain damage.  We recommend that you consult with a reputable moving company well in advance.

Highly specialized transportation frames that can be adjusted to the exact dimensions required to protect paintings are available on the market. These should be used when packing up and moving valuable artwork.


Individual attention must be paid to every sculpture because they are all very unique in shape and size.  Crating is the usual solution for most fragile sculptures because once they’ve been securely packed in a padded crate, they can be transported safely, except in very extreme instances. Museum-quality crates usually have built-in frameworks, foam padding, customized cribbing and abundant cushioning.

With sculptured artwork, the main concern is usually transporting it safely.  Whether it’s small or large, sculptures tend to be cumbersome, making them awkward to move.  It is vital that accurate measurements be taken in advance to ensure that the sculpture will fit through any entrances, stairways or doorways it has to get through along the way.

Some sculptures can be disassembled safely and reassembled at its final destination. Otherwise, if the sculpture is too massive for a traditional move, your only alternative may be in renting a crane.  This is usually fairly inexpensive, but can make a huge difference when moving an item like this.  The movers will also need to wear top quality gloves to prevent the sculpture from slipping or otherwise becoming unintentionally damaged in the move.

Consult an Expert on Anything of Concern
You may feel perfectly confident that you can safely move a couple of paintings without incident, but if you’re not sure, then you should discuss your concerns with a topnotch moving company with experience moving paintings and sculptures.  Someone with expertise can inform you of obstacles you haven’t considered and guide you in how to move your valuable artwork safely.

If you are planning a move that involves delicate artwork, you should address this in advance to determine how best to crate your items.  You can either use a good carpenter or there are professional moving companies that specialize in crating and transporting fine art.  Consulting with an expert in this area becomes even more important when it’s a long-distance move or if you have multiple pieces of art that you are planning to move.

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