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Planning Your Move Starting Four Weeks Before….

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Four Weeks Before the Move…

* Call Get Your Move On 480.695.6621 and schedule your move.
* Tour your house and decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity. Consider a garage sale.
* Call physicians and dentists. They may recommend a colleague near your new home.
* Get copies of renewable prescriptions.
* Arrange transfer of school records.
* Check homeowner’s insurance policies to see if moving is covered.
* Obtain forms for transferring drivers license.
* Be sure your new home is protected by transferring fire, theft and other personal-property insurance.
* Transfer personal insurance records.

Three Weeks Before the Move…

* Plan to use up most food items before the move.
* Check and clear tax assessments.
* Arrange to have major appliances serviced before you move them.
* Movers can’t take aerosols, flammables, corrosives, ammunition or propane tanks. It’s best to use them up or give them away before you move.


Tips to Stay Safe while Driving with Big Trucks on the Road


Like most moving companies, Get Your Move On has a lot of trucks on the road every day of the week.  It is important that drivers operating a vehicle of any size put road safety as his or her top priority.

Our organization places a great deal of emphasis on employee training, especially for drivers. We make sure our vehicles are well maintained, equipped and that our drivers have the knowledge and tools they need to do their jobs well.  Although we train our truck drivers as best we can, people driving cars on the road can also contribute to safety.  Several of our most experienced truck drivers offered some excellent advice on how people driving cars can make the roads safer by helping out truck drivers.

Blind Spots
The most serious blind spot for a truck driver is on the right side of the truck, which tells you that car drivers should only pass a truck on the left. If you’re thinking about passing a truck, make sure you drive through the area of the blind spot quickly and once you pass, do not slow down.

Leave Enough Cushion
Due to their size, trucks take a lot longer to come to a stop than cars do, therefore when you’re approaching a stop, cutting in front of a truck could easily get you rear-ended.  A 40-ton truck going 60 mph might need 120 yards to come to a stop.  Before moving your car in front of a truck, make sure you can clearly see the truck’s full front in your rear-view mirror.

Trucks Have No Rear-View Mirrors
Trucks do not have rear-view mirrors, so truck drivers must rely solely on their front windscreen and both side mirrors to view their surroundings.  If you don’t see the driver’s face in the side mirror, then he/she can’t see you.  Construction Zones Are More Difficult Construction zones often narrow the usable part of the road, which makes it more difficult for trucks to get around.  When driving in a construction zone, do not attempt to cut behind or in front of a truck. It’s important to always keep a safe distance behind any truck.

Right Turns Require Extra Space
Because trucks are so large, they need more space to navigate a turn.  Right turns are especially wide.  Truck drivers need enough space on city roads to make those turns, which are much tighter.  Give them the space they need so they can more quickly move out of traffic.

Lane Changes
In traffic, cars tend to zoom past trucks to avoid being stuck behind them.  When you encounter a truck trying to change lanes in heavy traffic without much space, flash your lights to let the driver know that you are letting him move over.

Show Patience
Truck drivers usually drive at a constant speed.  They don’t intend for you to get caught behind them, but they are driving as safely as they can.  Show some patience and wait until it you are sure it is safe before trying to pass the truck in front of you.

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