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Moving Large Furniture

Moving Large Furniture

Moving is very time consuming and it can certainly get expensive because there are so many details to work out, and one of these details involves how to handle over-sized pieces of furniture.  You need to determine ahead of time whether your furniture will squeeze through the doors of your new home, and if not whether it will fit through a window.  It may seem like a minor detail, but if this is overlooked during the moving process, it can end up costing you a lot of stress and frustration, not to mention money.  With everything else going on, this is definitely something you don’t need.  What we suggest is that you take a look at our recommendations so that you can plan in advance how you’re going to move your large pieces of furniture.

Planning A Move Involving Large Furniture
Before you move it is important to determine whether your furniture will fit through the door and/or window so that you can plan accordingly.  If it will not pass through either, you may be able to disassemble it, use a rigging service or sell those pieces and replace with new furniture. Drawing up a floor plan will help to make your move easier.  You need to measure the size of each large piece of furniture before moving it. Measure the doors, corridors, windows and hallways of your current home as well as your new place.  You must figure out how you’re going to move those pieces out of your current home and whether you can move it into your new apartment or house.  You need to plan the exact route your movers will take in moving each of these pieces out of your old house and into the new one.

If your sofa is just too large and will not fit through the doorway, you may be able to dismantle it.  Plan out the route and how you’re going to move it ahead of time.  What areas of the home does your furniture need to pass through?  It might be that you will have to lift and turn a large piece of furniture, like your sofa, vertical and on an angle to get it out of the house and into your new place.  Envision everything in your mind ahead of time, down to the last detail.  You do not want to move your sofa out of the room and down a flight of stairs before finding out that there is not enough room to rotate it so it will fit through the front door.  This is why you must plan the route for every large piece of furniture before moving day.  If you don’t think you can do this yourself, call your movers to send someone out to look at the furniture ahead of time so they know what needs to be done to move it.

If Your Furniture Will Not Fit
If you’ve already started the process of moving or you know that certain pieces of furniture will not fit through the door or a window, here are some ideas of how to proceed:


Autism Speaks Walk Now 2016

autismspeakss2016November 1, 2016

Autism Speaks Walk Raises $875,000

Tempe, Ariz.—On Sunday, October 23, more than 20,000 people from across the state gathered at Tempe Beach Park in support of the Autism Speaks Walk in Partnership with SARRC.  The annual event raised an estimated $875,000 that will go toward supporting autism programs and research. Half of all monies raised during the walk will stay in Arizona. It was the state’s largest annual autism awareness event.

“One in every 68 children are diagnosed with autism so this is a health issue that impacts many families here in the Valley and nationwide,” said Dr. Daniel Openden, SARRC’s president and CEO. “Events like the Autism Speaks Walk not only promote awareness about autism spectrum disorders but also raise funds for critical research and programs for those impacted by autism. SARRC would like to thank all of those who supported the event, especially our many sponsors and supporters who raised funds.”

“Although I served as the 2013 Autism Speaks Walk chairman, I continue to support this effort each year because autism awareness and programs are critical to the health of Arizona children,” said Derek Greene, founder of Get Your Move On and the 2016 Autism Speaks Walk logistics chair. “My son has autism and we are very grateful to organizations like SARRC for all of the support they provide.  That’s why we put a walk team together and supply all of the event storage, moving and set up for the event every year.  We are highly committed to this cause.”

Dr. Openden added that, because of the surge in research, awareness and programs geared toward autism, there is a lot of hope within the diagnosis. “Early treatment and intervention is important when it comes to autism; everyone, especially parents and caregivers, should know what the signs are,” he said.


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