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1. Assuming that good quality packing materials are overrated

If you think you can do without good quality packing supplies, you’re making a big mistake. It’s easy to assume you can just grab a few boxes and some newspaper and you’ve got it handled, however this can certainly lead to a lot of heartache when you arrive at the new house to find your belongings have been damaged.

Once you start down this path, what often happens is that one misjudgment rolls into the next and before you know it you’re overly confident in thinking that you’re managing the packing just fine with the few things you have laying around. After awhile you’ve compromised the entire safety of everything you’re transporting to the new house.

For example, if you use old cardboard boxes that have been used many times before and are no longer sturdy, they are likely to break once they’re filled up. This will only cause you more headaches, not to mention breakage. When obtaining your packing supplies, make sure they’re clean, sturdy, dry and safe to use. The easiest way to do this is to buy what you need from your moving company.

2. Presuming that you don’t really need a box of essential items

A lot of really smart people often forget that once they’ve packed their possessions up they will all be out of reach until everything has been successfully shipped to their new house. And there are a certain number of items that none of us can do without even for a day. These items must be packed separately in an essentials box or survival kit so that you have what you need and your stress levels remain intact.

These items would be what you consider your absolute musts, your lifesavers. If you have a baby or small children, this is even more important, especially if your move involves a long road trip before you get to the new house.

Here are some of the items you would want to have on hand in your survival kit: over-the-counter and prescription medications, snacks, sandwiches, bottled water, plastic utensils, basic toiletries, spare clothing, first-aid kit, set of small hand tools, games and toys, and any other items you need for your kids and/or household pets.

3. Thinking it saves time to overfill packing boxes

All things considered, it is better to use smaller boxes to pack your heavy items rather than large boxes, filled to the brim that end up being impossible to lift and carry and easily break apart. The larger packing boxes can be used to pack lighter items. Keep in mind that the weight limit of any box should not exceed 40 to 50 lbs. Even a small box of books can quickly reach that limit, so be careful.

You’re going to come across a lot of things you won’t need at the new house so this is a good time to get rid of the clutter by having a yard sale. There is no point in paying to ship things you really don’t need or won’t use in the foreseeable future.

The packing mistakes you want to avoid most have to do with safety, both for you, the movers and your actual belongings. No one wants to hurt their back or knees lifting boxes that are way too heavy, and the same goes for keeping your possessions safe from any damage.

When you consider everything, it may be worth it to spend a little more to obtain the right containers and to take more time packing to ensure your belongings will arrive at the new home safe and sound. Don’t risk being heartbroken by damaged goods caused by improper packing.

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