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Packing up a home office is somewhat like packing up any other room in the house, except that it does offer definite challenges. The home office may be the most important room in your home because this is where you may be working from home or even running a business. In all likelihood it’s where you take care of your household bills, file important personal and/or business documents, and keep your cheques, etc.

Packing Tips 
Because packing up a home office is such an important task we’ve decided to offer you some tips on how to manage this quickly and efficiently:

The first order of business would be to make sure you have all the packing supplies you need before you begin. You’re going to want some heavy-duty sturdy boxes to hold all your paperwork and documentation as well as your office equipment. You can usually buy these items at an office supply store. If you can’t find everything you need, your moving company can certainly provide the supplies. In addition to boxes, you’ll need heavy-duty packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and markers for labeling.

File Cabinets & Drawers
Once you have your supplies on hand you’re ready to get started. You can either pack everything yourself or have your moving company help. If you’re doing this on your on, get started early because moving always involves more than you think. Once you know you’re moving take an inventory of everything in your home office to decide what should be pack first. You can save yourself some time and money by not emptying out the drawers and files containing documentation. Most file cabinets come with locks, so lock those, keeping the keys safe. Tape desk and cabinet drawers closed that are filled with files and paperwork.

This allows you to pack more efficiently because your file cabinets and drawers can be moved with the documentation safely packed inside so you don’t have to remove, pack it all in boxes and then unpack the boxes and replace everything after the move. To save yourself the trouble, you can always have the movers pack everything while you guide their work. Professional movers are used to this and can work very quickly and efficiently when it comes to packing up a home office.

Paperwork & Documentation
Another thing you’ll want to do before you begin is to sort through your paperwork because offices tend to accumulate a lot of useless papers. There is no need to pack up and move stuff you’re only going to throw out in the end. In going through your paperwork start packing the files you’re not going to be working with until after the move.

Make sure you clearly label every box with its contents. Paperwork can get heavy so use plenty of tape when sealing these boxes. The last thing you want is for the boxes to come apart and papers to be flying all over the place!

When it comes to packing books, they get very heavy very fast. It’s always best to put just a few books in each box and fill the rest of the box up with lighter items. Make sure you secure everything with crumpled packing paper for cushioning. Small boxes work best for books due to their weight. Small and medium-sized books should be packed upright with the larger books being laid flat for optimum protection. Large heavy books can easily become damaged if placed upright or placed on the sides of the boxes.  Avoid packing sharp or breakable items with books to avoid book covers getting scarred.

Office Equipment & Electronics
You must take special care with your computers, monitors, scanners, printers and any other office equipment you may have. Ensure that you backup all information and data on your computers. If you have the original packing boxes that your office equipment came in, use those. If not, your movers should have the appropriate boxes for packing up office equipment. Your computer screen (monitor) is very fragile so you must use bubble wrap and packing paper to protect the screen before even placing it in the box.

Ensure that all equipment is unplugged from electrical outlets and all wires are appropriately packed and labeled as well as surge protectors. If there is any space remaining in the boxes you can fill in with lighter items securely packed with bubble wrap and/or packing paper.

Other Reminders
Once you have your home office packed up do not forget to fill out change of address cards for the Post Office so your mail can be forwarded. Prepare an email to notify your colleagues and customers of your new address and contact information. Explain to everyone that there may be a brief interruption in your work schedule due to the move and let people know when you’re “open for business” again.

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