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One of the benefits of moving to a new home is it gives you an opportunity to take a look at all of your possessions and identify those items that you really don’t need any more.  Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home or you’re just trying to de-clutter, getting rid stuff during a move helps to lighten your load and stay organized.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  If you feel like you have too much extra stuff in your home, but can’t decide what should stay and what should go, we have some ideas for you.  Here is a list of the top 10 things that you should get rid of when moving:

1. Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore
Everyone has that one really cool pair of jeans or an old tee shirt that they just know they’ll fit into again one day.  While it might be okay to keep one or 2 of these items of clothing around as motivation or just for fun, it’s definitely not worth moving a whole closet full of old clothes that no longer fit.  Time to give them away and lighten your load.

2. Cheap Art and Posters
The problem with posters and other outdated wall hangings is that they are tough to keep in good condition when moving.  Unless you’re really attached to that poster of your favorite athlete when you were 13, it’s probably a good idea to take a really good selfie in front of it and then dump it.

3. Extra Books
Some people use books to decorate their home. Others are read-a-holics that have a hard time parting with any piece of literature they’ve ever read. Before you move, select your top 10 favorite books that you might read again one day and then donate the rest.  You’ll be glad you did on moving day!

4. DVD and CD Cases
There are many different opinions out there about the pros and cons of keeping DVD and CD cases.  The truth is, unless you are a die-hard collector, you don’t really need the cases.  They take up way too much space and can be difficult to pack.  Toss the cases out and then welcome yourself to the digital age.

5. Stuffed Animals
We know this can be a touchy subject – some people are very attached to their stuffed animals. Stop and think about where these stuffed animals will end up if they make the move with you to your new home. Will a majority of them end up on the top shelf in your closet or under your bed? If so, it’s better to cut ties and send them on their way now before you have to figure out how to pack them up.

6. Kitchen Appliances You Don’t Really Use
Remember that nifty bread maker you got as a wedding present back in the 90’s – the one that sits in a bottom cupboard collecting dust? We’re officially giving you permission to get rid of it. While you’re at it, find the other kitchen appliances you never use and take them all to the nearest Goodwill before you move.

7. The Stuff in Your Garage
Some garages are half-full of boxes with stuff that people hope they might use some day.  As you prepare for your upcoming move, take a good look at that stuff and decide if it’s really worth moving. Maybe it’s time to donate or sell these items so you can free up more space at your new home.

8. Old Mugs
On moving day, the fewer boxes you have labeled “FRAGILE,” the better. Dishes are especially tricky to move as they need to be carefully wrapped and loaded so they make it to their destination in one piece. As you pack your dishes, pick out the old coffee mugs and other dishes you seldom use for a special trip to the second-hand store.

9. Old Electronics
Generally speaking, people tend to keep old electronics around for one of two reasons – they are hoping to fix them up and use them again someday or they simply don’t know the best way to dispose of them. These items can be heavy and very difficult to move. Chances are they’ll end up taking up space at your new home just like they do now. Now is your chance to get rid of old televisions, stereos and computers before moving day arrives.

10. The Stuff You Forgot About
Here’s a common scenario – you’re packing up your closet in preparation for your upcoming move when you come across an old suitcase full of memorabilia, magazines and recipe books that you totally forgot you had. Here’s what you do – don’t stop for even a minute to look through the contents of this old suitcase. Close it up and take it straight to the garbage! If you didn’t even remember that you had that stuff, chances are you’ll never miss any of it.

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