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Tips for Adjusting to Your New Neighborhood

New Neighborhood

So you’ve finally arrived at your new home.   The trucks have all been unloaded and you’re slowly getting boxes unpacked and your belongings put away.   Now it’s time to become familiar with your new surroundings, both inside your home and out.   If you have ever moved into a new home before, you know it can take some time before you begin to feel completely comfortable in the new neighborhood.  New neighbors, new grocery stores, new schools – it can all be a little overwhelming at first!  Here are 5 tips for adjusting to your new neighborhood quickly:

1. Go for a Walk

Take a break from unpacking and go for a walk.  A casual stroll through the streets of your new neighborhood will help you to become more familiar with its outlay. You’ll begin to recognize features such as parks, intersections and walking trails.  This is also a great way to bump into a new neighbor and strike up a conversation.

2. Register with the Local Homeowners Association

If you’ve purchased a new home in a community that has a homeowners association, then you are automatically considered a member of that association.  Take the time to register with the association by providing your contact information.  This will give you an opportunity to learn more about the community you moved into, including who the homeowner association officials are and when meetings are held.

3. Social Media

Many neighborhoods these days have their own Facebook page specifically for the community you live in.  Find out what the page is called and then request to be added.  While many people use these types of Facebook pages to sell used items or trade services, you will also find that there are discussions about local schools, shopping and other activities that can help you feel more a part of the community.

4. Meet Your Next Door Neighbor(s)

It’s surprising how few people have actually met their next-door neighbor these days.  It can be very easy to stay secluded and detached from neighbors if you want to. But knowing your neighbors can definitely help you become more accustomed to your new neighborhood.  Stop by with a treat or just yourself and spend a few minutes getting to know your new neighbors.

5. Talk to Local People

One of the best ways to feel connected and accepted in your community is to build relationships with those who live nearby.  When you’re at the local coffee shop or grocery store, make it a point to strike up a conversation with the people you encounter.  Chances are, they live close by and can easily turn into a friend.  If nothing else, they may be able to provide useful information about your new surroundings.

Hopefully these tips will help you become more familiar and better adjusted to your new neighborhood after you move in. Remember that your willingness to connect and your attitude will go a long way.  For information on moving or storage services, call Get Your Move On LLC at 480- 695-6621.

Need Help With the Big Stuff?

Big Stuff Blog


Think back to your last move…

Remember how you put off moving the large appliances, like your refrigerator and washer and dryer for as long as you could? How you avoided even looking at the pool table or your large sectional knowing how difficult they would be to load into the truck?  And the Jacuzzi in the backyard – you seriously contemplated for just a brief minute the idea of just leaving it behind and then pretending that you forgot it, because you knew what a pain it would be to dismantle, move and then reassemble at your new home. Moving the big stuff is always the toughest part of the moving process. It requires preparation, strength and manpower to ensure it is done correctly with the best results. When you’re trying to do your move on your own, you’re forced to rely on family and friends to help you move your larger items. Even the best intending friends don’t always have the experience necessary to properly move big, heavy items.

The Professional Help You Need

The good news is there is help available. Moving companies like Get Your Move On are more than willing to help you move your big items, like appliances, furniture, pool tables, Jacuzzis and pianos. Not only can we help you move them, but we are also experienced in the disassembly and reassembly of large items to help protect your property.  Rather than loading these items into the back of your friend’s pick-up, we’ll carefully and efficiently place them into one of our clean and safe moving trucks for transportation to your new home.  This is a great solution for those who are trying to do the move on their own as much as possible. You’re still able to handle the smaller items and boxes on your own, but then arrange to have your professional moving company show up when it’s time to move the larger items.

Once You Arrive

When your larger appliances and furniture arrive at their new destination, your professional moving company will make sure that the items are safely unloaded from the truck and placed exactly where you want them in your new home.  This includes reassembling anything that needed to be disassembled for moving.  Get Your Move On has the experience and knowledge needed to reassemble furniture, pianos and any other large items so they are back in their original condition.  Of course, it is always a good idea to have a professional plumber involved when connecting washers or any other water related appliances to ensure everything is done correctly and to avoid any long-term water damage.  For those who would like to handle their move on their own as much as possible,  but still need help loading and transporting larger appliances and furniture, be sure to call Get Your Move On to find out how we can help. Our crew is friendly, experienced and very professional when it comes to moving and we’re sure we can help you.

Choosing the Right Moving Supplies


When it’s time to move, you want to be sure that all of your possessions not only make it from point A to point B, but that they also arrive safe and sound.  There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home or place of business to find that some of your belongings were either damaged or lost during the move.

One way to avoid loss or damage is to use the right supplies when packing and preparing for the move.  Choosing the right moving supplies will ensure your items are packed correctly and make it to their destination in one piece. Here is a list of some of the essential moving supplies you should have for your next move:

Boxes – Big, Small and Plenty

Having boxes on hand during your move always prepares you for success.  Boxes are the go-to method for packing almost anything. They help keep your possessions organized and offer a layer of protection to prevent damage.

A common mistake when it comes to buying or renting moving boxes is to only get one size of boxes. It’s a good idea to get boxes in different sizes based on what it is you are moving.  While large boxes can hold quite a bit, they are not always practical for smaller items. You also don’t want to load boxes so heavy that they can’t be lifted or come apart during the move. Be sure to give yourself some choices when it comes to box size.

Remember to have plenty of boxes on hand as you begin to sort and pack before your move. You’re better off having a few unused boxes at the end rather than trying to cram too much in because you don’t have enough.

Dish Packs

Some of the items you will be moving are much more fragile than others. Using the right packing supplies can make a huge difference in making sure those fragile belongings arrive safely and undamaged. Dishes, for example, should be packed with care, wrapped in paper or cloth and placed in dish pack boxes. Packing dishes in this type of box adds additional protection and keeps your valuables secure. A dish pack is perfect for moving fragile items such as fine china, crystal stemware, porcelain figurines or antiques to name a few.

Strong Tape

As you finish packing your boxes up, you’ll want to be sure to use good strong packing tape to keep your boxes closed. When choosing tape, find tape that is specifically made for packing and moving. Using cheap tape or tape that can be easily broken might result in boxes spilling open during the move, which could lead to broken or lost items. Don’t chance it! Pay the extra for good strong tape that you can rely on.

Blankets and Saran Wrap

If you’ve ever watched a professional moving company work before, you’ve probably seen them use both blankets and saran wrap to protect furniture and secure other items into moving trucks. These are very important moving supplies that help keep your possessions safe from start to finish.  As you begin to pack up your belongings, keep a pile of blankets out to use when you start to load your moving truck. You might want to stop by a local hardware store or moving company to pick up a roll of saran wrap as well.

Keep in mind that GetYourMoveOn LLC will have both blankets and saran wrap on hand – we don’t charge for blankets, but we do for saran wrap unless you have your own.  For more questions about choosing the best moving supplies or to get a free quote for your next move, call GetYourMoveOn at 480-695-6621.

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