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Storage Advantages

When it’s time to move your home or business, there is a great deal of preparation and work that goes into making sure everything goes smoothly. Many people find that using a full service storage solution helps to alleviate some of the stress that comes during a move. Full service storage includes the packing of all of your possessions headed to storage, the careful and efficient loading into a moving truck and the storage of these items in a safe and clean facility until you are ready for them.

You are probably familiar with self-storage facilities, but you may not be aware of some of the key advantages of using full service storage. Here are 3 reasons why full service storage is a smart choice for anyone who is need of storing personal or business related items:

Professional Packing

Whether you’re planning on keeping your belongings in storage for a short time or long-term, you want to be sure that they come out in the same shape as they went in. A big part of keeping your items safe and in one piece is packing them correctly. Rather than leaving the packing of your valuables to chance, choose instead to have them packed by a professional who has experience in handling valuable items, both big and small.

A professional packer will take the extra steps necessary in order to keep your belongings safe, such as protecting furniture with pads and then using shrink wrap to keep everything clean. They are very efficient when packing fragile items and are used to dealing with items of all different shapes and sizes. If you really want to be sure your possessions are safe and clean while in storage, rely on the experience of a professional.


As we mentioned before, there is already so much to do when it comes time to move into your new home or office. Your to-do list may seem like it never ends. Imagine the convenience of having someone else deal with everything that needs to go to storage. You’ll be able to focus on other aspects of the move while your storage items are neatly packed up and delivered to a full service storage facility.

Then, when you’re ready for those items in your new home or office, simply give your full service storage company a call and they’ll have everything to you in no time. You’ll avoid so much hassle and save a great deal of time by using full service storage.

One-Stop Shop

Many people who are planning a move are already planning on using a professional moving company to help them get everything from point A to point B. How nice would it be if your moving company and your storage service were the same people?

Get Your Move On offers just that. Not only are we a professional moving company with years of experience moving families and businesses to their new locations, but we also offer full service storage in our safe, clean and climate-controlled warehouse. Rather than dealing with a mover and a separate storage facility, choose Get Your Move On and we’ll take care of all your moving needs from start to finish.

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