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5 Tips for Downsizing

Many people reach a point in life when their next move is to a place smaller than where they are now. While downsizing to a smaller home can relieve financial stress and make things simpler, it can actually make the moving process a little more complicated. Suddenly you are faced with deciding what things go and what things stay. You may also find some of your furniture and other belongings just won’t work in your new home.

There are some things you can do to help prepare for the downsizing process. Here are 5 basic tips that can help as you look to downsize:

1. Unload the Clutter

If you’ve lived in your current home for a considerable amount of time, chances are you’ve accumulated some clutter. Downsizing is the perfect excuse for getting rid of some of the stuff you’ve held onto for too long. It might be the broken electronic gadgets you plan to fix one day or boxes of scrap material that you never seem to get to. This is a good time to get ride of broken or outdated items that you’re not really using anymore.

2. Create a Floor Plan

By mapping out where furniture and other items will go in your new home, you will get a better sense of what will fit and what won’t. You may have a large dining room table, for example, that is just too big for your new, smaller home. Rather than guessing if it will fit or not, take some time to measure both the table and the space of your new home. You may find that decisions about what to keep are quite easy when there is no space.

3. Consolidate

As you look through the items you have in your home, try to identify how you might consolidate and condense to make more room when you downsize. You might find that your books can actually all fit in one or two bookshelves instead of 3 or 4, for example. Or maybe your storage bins have a bit more room than you realized. Downsizing is all about condensing and consolidating.

4. Emotional Attachments

Preparing to downsize may also lead you to take a closer look at what possessions you have and why you keep them. We often tend to hold onto items that we feel we have an emotional attachment to. Now is the time to determine how strong that attachment is. Maybe there are things that you have carried with you for too long and it’s time to let go. Consider taking a picture of some of these items so you still have something to look at that doesn’t take up as much space.

5. Find a Storage Solution

If your downsizing is only a temporary situation, you may find that storing your possessions is a viable option. The Phoenix area is loaded with self-storage solutions and locations that are convenient and reasonably priced. If you find that you simply cannot part with some of your possessions, but can’t realistically keep them in your smaller home, find a storage facility nearby to keep them in.

GetYourMoveOn offers storage in our warehouse as part of our many services. When you need to store furniture, appliances, boxes, etc., call GetYourMoveOn and talk to us about our storage services. We can schedule to pick your items up or deliver them from storage when you need them.

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