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When a loved one gets ready to move into an assisted care home, it can bring a mixture of emotions. Moving a family member into a care facility is difficult for anyone. But the most important thing is to make the move a smooth transition.

Pack Their Favorite Things

Your loved one is sure to feel far more relaxed and at home if he or she is surrounded by favorite things. This will help make the move more seamless and help your loved one settle in far more quickly, too. So what will you pack? This will clearly depend upon the tastes and interests of your loved one. However, generally speaking you should look to help by packing things like special photos, ornaments and anything else he or she considers important. Your help with the packing process also means he or she won’t worry about the security and safety of those prized possessions if they were otherwise left behind.

Make Their New Room Bright and Welcoming

If the room your loved one is going to stay in doesn’t look homey, you shouldn’t despair. You can make it more welcoming with a few fairly simple touches. You can add some lovely fresh flowers or plants. You can also add some cheerful pieces of artwork and some favorite comfortable furniture, if rules allow. These little touches can make a big difference to the overall aspect of the space.

Give Them Entertainment If You Can

Most modern care facilities have interesting events and activities to participate in, but you may have ideas as well. Ask the staff about the possibilities. A television set, a radio, some books and magazines are all fantastic things to keep on hand. The more things you can provide to keep your loved one entertained and mentally active, the better.

Don’t Let Them Worry

No matter what your stage in life, moving can be a stressful experience. When a loved one needs help moving into an assisted living or care facility, that can mean that you are taking care of a significant part of the transition, like communicating with the telephone company and other service providers, and not letting your loved one worry about the transport of his or her belongings, along with generally keeping them calm and feeling positive. If you are able to take time off from work, it can help make the process that much easier.

Stay With Them While They Move

Even if you carry out all of the previous steps perfectly, don’t assume that everything will automatically go smoothly. There is still the issue of the day of the move. This can be a harrowing experience for anyone who needs to move out of a home and into a care home. Whether your loved one has lived in his or her current house for a couple of years or for decades, he or she will struggle to leave it behind. To help make this difficult day more bearable for them, you should stay with them throughout the move. This can be a huge help to anyone feeling a bit fragile and distressed about the situation. Along with carrying boxes and making decisions, you can also help by giving your loved one moral support along the way.

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