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Before the big day arrives, it’s good to know what to expect on moving day. You have extra food packed, have made allowances for the kids, the pets, and all of the utilities are on in the new place. But, what about the movers? What will they do on moving day? In this post, I’d like to give some details of what we’ll be doing on moving day.


When we come over to pack your possessions, we use our time-proven methods to make sure that your china, glassware, and other fragile items are equally protected. If you have special collectibles or antiques, rest assured that we have extensive experience with such items. We’re the preferred mover for many Phoenix-area antiques dealers and we’ll give you the very same VIP service.


When we arrive on moving day, the first order of the day is to protect the house, preparing it for the move. We wrap the corners of the home with pad wrapping to make sure that the sheet rock will survive in one piece. We also take care of your furniture with more pad wrapping. We make sure all of the usual targets – door facings, floors, etc. – are padded and shielded from any of the possible bumps and scrapes that can occur when moving large pieces of furniture. Our guys are skilled at moving and rarely nick a wall, but the padding ensures that everyone is covered. The next inhabitants of your old home will arrive to find a pristine house and you won’t have to worry about your deposits or taking care of a house you’ve already sold.


We take care when packing the truck. Since we’ve been doing this for a while, we have developed a second-sense where it comes to arranging furniture and boxes on a truck. Customers often remark that we must be really good at Tetris, but we do know how to pack things tightly and well. Our experts make sure that nothing will shift around in the drive to your new home. Keep in mind that though we are very careful with your items, we are also moving and hustling. It’s our goal to get you to your new home quickly and with everything in one piece.

Final Arrangements

We don’t double-book ourselves, so while we’re hustling for you, our mind is not focused on the next job. So, once we arrive at your new home, we stick around to make sure your furniture is exactly where you want it. You can change your mind as much as you like. Our guys want you fully satisfied with your furniture arrangement when they leave.

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.