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Project Management in a Commercial Move

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When it comes time to move your business into a new space, it’s vital that the project be managed by professionals to make sure that no stone is left unturned. The last thing you need is to open the doors on your new offices and find that you don’t know where the files are or discover that the servers have been mishandled and your IT team is seeking to replace them. You can avoid all of that by hiring a mover that pays attention to details. This post will cover a few aspects of project management in a commercial move:


Business Removal

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From time to time, we find that our business has outgrown its physical confines and we need to move. However, there’s so much to consider. We have to move all of the personal effects, technical equipment, art, and furniture that go into making a business run. This post will look at a few areas regarding moving your business.


Storage is often what you need while you revamp your space. Perhaps you are able to get a lease on the larger space next door and need to store items while the walls are removed and the two spaces are integrated. Make sure that your storage space provider is good about labeling and keeping an inventory list of your items. You may need to retrieve items gradually and so it all must be carefully monitored so you are sure you get what you want in a timely and efficient manner.


“Where Everybody Knows Our Name”


Cue the music – Get Your Move On is where everyone knows your name, and they know our name too. Okay, okay, many of you will not remember the “Cheers” theme song, but we thought it was fitting for today’s blog post. For our September Testimonial of the Month, we are going to highlight not one, but two testimonials that show that everyone knows one another’s names – and that’s a testament to the family we create and the care we take on the job. (more…)

Managing Moving Day

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The big day is impending. You’re packing, you have the movers scheduled, you’re canceling utilities, ordering new utilities, and you’ve got all the packing peanuts you can ever dream of using. Now, how is it all going to go down? There are a lot of moving parts on a moving day and this post will help you sort them out so that you can effectively manage your moving day. (more…)

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