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As with many ventures in life there are myths and realities around moving your own business. While it is true that you could move your own business, it is an undertaking that is very detailed and that asks for experience and dedication. If you are trying to simultaneously run and manage your business, both projects are liable to suffer. In this post I want to discuss a few myths about moving a business.

Myth #1: All Moving Companies are the Same

Moving companies are not all the same. While it may seem that one sort of move is just like another, consider the difference between moving a piano and a computer server. Both are heavy, bulky objects that are fragile. However, each has its own quirks and must be handled in an individual manner. Seek out a company who has experience moving companies. They may also move antiques and common residences, but only work with them if they have experience moving other businesses like yours.

Myth #2: Labeling isn’t that Important

Labeling is perhaps one of the most important parts of moving a business. Your equipment, files, and furniture are all very important and so much in an office looks the same to an untrained eye. So, when you prepare to move, make sure each box and piece of equipment is labelled with a hard-to-remove label. A sticky note on the side of a computer is liable to fall off, so tape it in place with clear packing tape and make sure each like item is labeled in the same spot.

Myth #3: Moving Companies use Day Laborers

Many moving companies may use day laborers or other temporary workers in an effort to save money. However, seek out a moving company which uses full-time, regular employees for moving. This is a serious business and when you hire a moving company you want to make sure that your items are being handled by serious professionals. Further, if an accident were to happen, you need to know that you won’t be held liable for that. A mover who is insured by a workman’s comp policy will be able to have his bruises tended to on a policy separate from your own.

Myth #4: A Box is a Box

If you elect to move yourself, be warned that not all boxes are created equal. Be sure to use heavy-duty boxes which won’t collapse under light weight. The boxes your employees are able to wrangle up from home may be suitable for their personal effects, but don’t trust your files, your equipment, or other sensitive items in a standard cardboard box.

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