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We here at Get Your Move On have been doing commercial moves for quite a while now. You could say we’re seasoned pros at it by now. In fact, Roger, our VP, has been in the industry over 35 years. We have a method for doing commercial moves which has proven very effective and which leaves our clients happy in their new offices or manufacturing facilities. In this post, I want to talk about how we do commercial moves. In particular, I will discuss these topics:

  • Pre-Move Consultation
  • Packing
  • Professional Movers

To start the process, we do a pre-move planning and consultation session. We discuss your move with you to determine what your priorities are and to get a sense of how to proceed. We need to know if we’re facing mostly large file boxes, if we’ll be transferring lots of items to storage, or if the move will involve more equipment and even machinery. We can talk with your employees to help them pack their workstations so that their items are packed in a systematic way for us, but also in a way which will help them locate vital tools once they report to work in the new space. When we move a business, we know that continuity is of utmost importance. You can’t afford excessive downtime any more than your clients can, so we get the job done in a timely, efficient manner.

Just as we pack a house, we can pack your office. We’ve moved data centers and manufacturing centers so we can work with any sort of machine or equipment. We’re well-organized so that you can be certain that each employee will receive his or her computer, phone, etc. at the new location. Facilities management is something of a forte with us and we will make sure that your business is packed and moved with a minimum of disturbance to your daily business operations.

Here at GYMO, you’re dealing with professionals. We have moved all sorts of businesses. We’ve moved manufacturing facilities, regular offices, data centers, and anything in between. Our men are all insured so that you business won’t take on an unnecessary liability just for the sake of moving and developing your business. We will protect your furniture and equipment so that it is not harmed just as we make sure that we don’t get hurt ourselves. Further, know that our men are full-time, dedicated movers, not day laborers or random temporary employees we use so as to avoid paying benefits. Our workers believe in their jobs and so they believe in helping you.

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