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Interviewing Movers

Moves are hard. There are a lot of moving parts to keep track of – no pun intended. Business moves may be even harder than other sorts. There are many more people and personalities to work with, there is all sorts of equipment and furniture to move, not to mention the files you have to take care of. In the meantime, you may land that huge client that requires all of your time, day and night, leaving you little time to organize, pack, and move before your lease expires. This post will discuss how to make your next business move as low-impact as possible, considering the following topics:

  • Researching Movers
  • Full-time Movers
  • Organizational Skills
  • Moving Consultations
  • Storage

Research Movers

Research movers in your area. Using a moving company may be more important in a business move than in any other sort of move. But, it’s also all the more important to make sure that you find the right mover for the job. Interview movers who have been recommended by business associates, friends, or family. Then, check out their websites. Once you have a good handful to choose from, interview them all. Check their references.

Full-time Movers

Find a moving company who uses insured, full-time employees. Accidents happen even to the most experienced mover and so it’s vital that they all be insured by their company. This will provide you with a sense of security you don’t get when working with a company who uses strong men from the day labor pool. This is your business on the line and irregular workers are liable to do irregular work in a situation where you need everything to run like clockwork.

Organizational Skills

Check on the organizational skills of your mover. How do they handle their storage facilities (do they have storage??) If they can find any item in their facility in a matter of moments then they are someone you need to work with. You ask your administrative support to be organized, so your movers should be, too.

Moving Consultation

If you plan to have your workers handle some of the packing and moving, be sure that your moving company can speak to them to provide pointers for the move. This puts everyone on the same page and ensures that every item is uniformly handled and will arrive to its destination with a minimum of fuss. Low-impact is the name of the game, right, so that means that precise organization is of utmost priority.


Putting items into storage may be a good idea at the time of a move. All of those old files may be better stored until more vital items are sorted out. Discuss storage with your movers and find out what sort of access you will have to stored items. Make sure you have the easiest (and cheapest) access to your property.

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