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Some people like to do everything themselves. Whether it’s plumbing, auto repair, carpentry, or electrical work, they enjoy learning, sometimes the hard way, how to do just about anything. There are times in life where even the most active do-it-yourself-er has to know when to bring in a professional.  When it’s essential the job is done right the first time, a DIY approach is never best. I think it’s that way with moving, particularly moving a business. There are simply too many moving parts to try to do it all yourself.

Dedicated Movers

We use professional movers who work for us on a full-time basis. Our men are insured and they care about their jobs. If you use your own employees, you may be taking on liability you didn’t realize. Do you have proper insurance coverage for injuries on the job that happen during a move? Having to pay out worker’s compensation and losing any employee for any length of time is never good. Plus, do you really want to risk so much when a moderate cost can put the job into the hands of men who do that job every single day?


If you need to store a certain percentage of your furniture, files or other equipment, a professional mover can take care of that in a streamlined fashion along with the move. When we assess a job, for instance, we will discuss our storage facilities which are fully inventoried and meticulously organized so that we can find your items in a flash and have them waiting for you at an agreed upon time.


Do you have the appropriate equipment to handle your move? Anyone can purchase pad-wrap blankets, but not everyone knows how to apply them properly to ensure maximum protection. You also need brand-new top-of-the-line boxes to ensure that nothing falls out during the move. But the boxes are only a part of the equation – you also need to make sure that those boxes are appropriately packed to safeguard your business equipment.


When utilizing professional services for your commercial move, you will see that your items are labeled consistently, not haphazardly, which is what we typically see when company employees are in charge. A moving company is adept at labeling in a way that is intuitive and easy for anyone to decipher. They can work with you in case you have special concerns. Your files may be one area where you need to label boxes in a particular way. Or, you may need to make sure that computer equipment is appropriately sorted so that it goes back to the appropriate people upon arrival at the new office.

Experience Counts

Choose your moving company wisely. Check their references and make sure that they have specific protocols for moving a business. Everyone has to start somewhere, but would you rather save a few dollars on a first-time business mover or use a seasoned, professional team?

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.