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From time to time, we find that our business has outgrown its physical confines and we need to move. However, there’s so much to consider. We have to move all of the personal effects, technical equipment, art, and furniture that go into making a business run. This post will look at a few areas regarding moving your business.


Storage is often what you need while you revamp your space. Perhaps you are able to get a lease on the larger space next door and need to store items while the walls are removed and the two spaces are integrated. Make sure that your storage space provider is good about labeling and keeping an inventory list of your items. You may need to retrieve items gradually and so it all must be carefully monitored so you are sure you get what you want in a timely and efficient manner.

Getting Everyone Involved

Moving a whole business requires that everyone pitch in as a team to accomplish this major task. Discuss with your mover whether they can come and give a few pointers to your staff so they can learn the best way to pack for a corporate move. Simply having a discussion about this process can be infinitely helpful in maintaining morale and efficiency. While movers like my company can handle everything, involving employees can be good for you and even save you money.

High Tech Experience

Make sure that your movers are experienced with packing and moving high-tech equipment. Handling sensitive server equipment is a special skill that not every mover has. It must be kept safe from extreme temperatures and not jostled. Picking a moving company with experience in corporate moves is essential.


As for your files, this is where organization and a strong system comes in handy. Ask your mover how they intend on handling this task. Your files are vital to your business and sometimes businesses may be held liable by the courts or regulatory bodies for proper care of the files. The last thing you want is movers who are unaccustomed to handling such important papers.

Free Consultation

Find a mover who will sit down with you for a consultation to review how the project will be handled. They should even do a walk-through of your establishment and the new space if possible to ensure the most efficient move. Even if you’re moving a single worker from the office to, say, a home office, you want the company’s property fully accounted for and for all of the important information to be likewise accounted for. You need a mover as professional as you are.


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