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The big day is impending. You’re packing, you have the movers scheduled, you’re canceling utilities, ordering new utilities, and you’ve got all the packing peanuts you can ever dream of using. Now, how is it all going to go down? There are a lot of moving parts on a moving day and this post will help you sort them out so that you can effectively manage your moving day.

Coordinate with Movers

Work with your movers. Establish a relationship with these guys. They’re friendly! Trade phone numbers so that you can coordinate any unforseen difficulties. If you take off to the mall while my guys are packing and moving you and you get wrapped in a movie and will be a few minutes late, you’ll be able to text in advance. Of course, this works the other way, in case the movers need to communicate something to you.


Make sure the pets will have a place to go. Moving day will be very stressful for them, so it may be best to put them up in a kennel or with the vet. If you’re unable to do that, lock them in a room with plenty of food and water until the old home is empty and you can load them up and take them to the new home.


Have plenty of water and snacks handy. This is especially true here in Phoenix, where it’s known to get very hot. Choose salty snacks rather than sweets, so that everyone can replenish their minerals. This will be a welcome consideration for the movers and will keep everyone safe and happy. I’d recommend having a few refrigerated gallons of water on hand. If that runs out, the tap should work fine. 

Finish up with the Movers

Stick around to sign all paperwork with the moving company. They are required to have a bill of lading which you must sign. Before you sign, check over the document thoroughly to make sure its satisfactory. It should provide a full inventory of all the items the movers have in the truck. If everything is to your liking, give the guys a bit extra. About $20 per man is a standard tip for movers. I know my guys work hard and they’re worth it.

Keep the Kids Occupied

You may want to plan an activity for the kids on moving day. They could spend the day with their friends or grandparents, for example. There are lots of places for them to visit on a hot Phoenix day such as water parks or the cool, air conditioned malls.

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