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Electric Meter

Utilities provide the necessities of our modern life. We need to keep our electricity and Internet connections alive and ready. We may also need water, gas, and our trash service, too. When we move to a new place, it’s vital that the utilities follow us to our new homes. Make sure that the last bill from your old home is properly forwarded and that new service starts in a timely manner so that there are no interruptions. This post will offer a few handy tips on how to move your utilities.

Final Readings

Make sure that the utilities have a date set to take a final reading on which to base your last bill. Call them a few weeks in advance of the move so that you can check this off your list. You may wish to set aside part of an afternoon to do just this. If you get in the mode of making these calls, they will seem to take no time at all.


If you are planning to have Internet at your new home, and nearly everyone does, make sure that you have everything set and ready so that you stay connected. If you plan on using a DSL provider, set up your phone line and then let your existing provider know the new phone number and address, etc. If your Internet is provided by the cable television company, make sure that you get an appointment for them to visit as soon as you can after moving in. I know I don’t like to have many interruptions in my service. I have blogging to do!

Contact Information

Make sure that you keep all of the pertinent utility information from  your previous address. If you are moving to a new town or a new state, you will have all new contact information for your services, so keeping a record of the old companies’ information will be handy in case there is a problem with the final bill.

Mail Service

Take care of  your mail service, too. You may have forgotten to give an old friend your new address, so log on to a few days prior to your move and submit a change of address form. You can do it in person and skip the $1 fee (or whatever nominal fee they are charging), but I prefer to use their handy online service. This way, you can set the date you wish to start having your mail forwarded and not miss a single piece of important correspondence.

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