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What Not To Pack

There are so many items to pack in preparation for a move that it’s important to take a break and consider what you shouldn’t pack. Some of these things will seem silly to some people, but it’s good to go ahead and review some of this just in case you’re tempted to pack something for the movers which needs to be handled by yourself. This post discusses a few items to not pack on your move, such as:

  • Guns and Ammo
  • Irreplaceable Items
  • Hard Drives
  • Papers

Guns and Ammo

If you are a gun-owner, it’s best to keep your ammunition and weapons with you during a move. Many movers will refuse to move such items, especially ammunition, and on a hot Phoenix day, packing explosive items in the back of a truck is not the best idea. This safety issue extends to household chemicals such as ammonia, cleaning fluids, paint thinner, and weed killer. While you may not want to carry these items in your car, either, perhaps a neighbor could use some extra supplies.

Irreplaceable Items

Irreplaceable items should be kept with you at all times. Your old photographs may be invaluable to you, but they have very little value to an insurance adjuster. Any level of financial preparation for these items will likely not be sufficient. So, don’t pack away these items. Make a special box especially for these items. If you have a lot of precious jewelry, keep that with you. I’d recommend purchasing a locking box to store your valuables in during the move. I know that all of my men wouldn’t dream of touching your jewelry, but this is a good practice so that you always know exactly where these items are.

Hard Drives

If the weather is very hot when you move and you have desktop computers, you may consider removing their hard drives for the move. High heat is not good for electronics and there’s no need to take a risk with your electronic data. Be sure to label the hard drives so that you are sure to replace them in the boxes they originally came from. If you are unsure about how to remove and reinstall them, either find a computer expert to help you or consult YouTube. I learn so much watching videos on YouTube – when I’m not looking at cat videos, that is!

Important Papers

All important papers should stay with you. So, keep the checkbook, financial records, deeds, and mortgages close at hand. Purchase an accordion file to help organize these items during the move.

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