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Getting Organized for Your Next Move

We’ve all got lots of stuff. It’s everywhere. We have so much stuff we keep it stored in the attic or closets. But, when it’s time to think of moving, we need to start organizing it all so that we can have an easy move. In this post, I’ll discuss a few tips for getting organized which I’ve learned from my own experience as well as from my customers.


Downsizing your belongings should be job number one. Old clothes, books, toys, sports equipment, and electronics can all be donated to your favorite charity. Or, you might choose to have a garage sale so that all of that stuff can pay you back the rent it owes. One rule of thumb I have for determining whether or not to donate or sell something is whether or not I’ve used it in the past six months. I know guys who collect golf clubs like it’s going out of style. They are always trying new ones, but they only really use a select few. If you tend to collect items like this, try to pare down the collection – at least until after you’ve moved.


Use a checklist such as the one we offer for free on the website (hint!) When you have downloaded and printed that handy document, you can be sure that you’ve ordered new utilities, set a cancellation date for the old house’s utilities, and have all of your medical and school information filed and organized. There is so much to keep track of that a handy checklist really will work in your favor. You can make one of your own, but compare notes with us just to be sure.

Start Packing Now

One handy trick is to simply start packing when you decide that you are going to move. Even if you’re still driving around with a realtor or if you have only made one offer on a home, packing up nonessentials will pay off later down the road. If you can box up a few items per day far enough in advance, you’ll breeze through those final two weeks prior to the big day.

Research Movers

As soon as you have decided to move, start researching moving companies. Even if you don’t have a date set for your move, it’s never too early to decide which moving company you’d like to use. This way, you’ll have a relationship established. I’d even recommend asking for an estimate. You’ll likely have a general idea of the part of town you’ll be relocating to, so use that general info for the preliminary no-obligation estimate. Our man Roger will be happy to meet with you and your family to get this part of the process underway.

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