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Interviewing Movers

Once you’ve narrowed your search for home movers down to a few good candidates, it’s time to interview them so that you’re confident in your choice. I’ve been interviewed by more clients than I can count and I’ve found some clients who were thorough in the questions they asked and others who could have asked for a few extra details. So, I wrote this post to help fill in a few gaps you might miss in the interview process, gaps I always try to fill but which not every mover will. This post will cover these interview topics:

  • How Long Have They Been in Business?
  • Special Items
  • Third-Party Contractors
  • Complaints

How Long Have They Been in Business?

The longer a company has been in business, the more confidence you can have that they are a reputable, trustworthy company to trust with your move. Get Your Move On, LLC. has been in business more than 8 years. We’ve always been a good company, even in that first year, but we’re even better now. We’ve learned from mistakes and we’ve learned the ropes. We have a back catalog of customer testimonials which prove why we are Phoenix’s most trusted movers.

Special Items 

If you have special items such as a grand piano, chandeliers, or pool tables, ask if the movers use third-party vendors to handle them. If they plan to use a third-party, find out who that is and how they will be covered for damages and worker liability. All third-party information needs to be included in your contract. Here at Get Your Move On, LLC., we make a large part of our business from handling precious and special items such as artwork and antiques, so we have no need for outside help. If we do, we’ll let you know!

Third-Party Contractors

Sometimes, a moving company will hand off your possessions to a third-party mover for a long-distance move. When this happens, often your items will inflate in weight and price. Say a mover takes your job for $100. He may sell it to a second company for that price, but then they will need to raise the price in order to make money. There have been cases where a family’s possessions have traded hands multiple times, resulting in thousands of extra dollars in fees. So, when you interview a mover, make sure that he has his own trucks and that he will be handling your move from beginning to end. We have our own fleet of trucks, so have no need for brokers or outside movers.


Find out if the company has had complaints waged against them with the Better Business Bureau. You can also check them on Angie’s List, Yelp!, and Google+ Local to see if customers have complained. In the unlikely event that a customer has difficulty with our services we will always go above and beyond to make the situation right. Happy customers are the foundation of everything we do at Get Your Move On.

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.