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Finding a trustworthy mover to help you and your family settle comfortably in a new home is a huge priority. Since looking through the phone book isn’t really an option anymore, here are some tips to help you navigate the online world so you can find a reputable mover. My Top 5 list is below, with #5 being the least recommended way and #1 being the best. Enjoy!

5. Social Media

Referrals are still a very popular way of getting recommendations. No matter how technical people get, word-of-mouth is still a great thing. Nowadays, we just get that ‘verbal’ recommendation in other ways. Ask your friends and family via email or a social media network if they have moved in the past, know anyone who has and if they have a good recommendation on a mover. Make sure you ask them how they are making that recommendation and what they are basing it on. Of course you should take all recommendations with a grain of salt – everyone has an opinion, after all. You may also find that movers are on social media. Go to their company website and see if it links to social media accounts. From there, you can see how they present themselves and interact with their followers and customers.

4. Map Searches

When you enter your own address into Google Maps, hover over the marker, click to ?find nearby.? Enter ‘moving company’ and see what pops up. If there are moving companies in your area, and there are bound to be several, especially in Phoenix, click those markers and see if there is additional information available for them. You can find user reviews, websites, and other information. Google+ is now integrated with their maps feature, so this is yet another way to use social media in finding a moving company.

3. Testimonials

Once you’ve found a selection of possible companies, check their individual testimonials. If they have negative testimonials, see how well they respond to those issues. No company is perfect, but it’s how we bounce back from a mistake that shows true character. Be wary of a company which doesn’t seem to have bona fide testimonials. You can check on the BBB website to check on a company’s rating.

2. Angie’s List

Angie’s List is one of the best review sites on the internet. There, you will find unbiased reviews from subscribers who have paid to be a part of the community there. So, you’re unlikely to find a biased review, either positive or negative. Plus, companies can’t pay for or otherwise reimburse positive reviews.

1.     Ask a Realtor

If you’re already working with a Realtor, you’re in business. Who knows the business of moving better than a Realtor? Since they are in the business of providing the best advice and counsel, they will likely have a good list of resources to start from. We work with lots of realtors and are used to making accommodations if your closing date changes or other unforeseen circumstances arise.

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