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Bugeting for your next move

Moving always involves expenses. We often hear of clients who were unpleasantly surprised by charges they received in the past. You can avoid major surprises by hiring a reputable company, but the smaller, incidental expenses can add up quick to quite a sum. I’ll try to navigate you through a few items clients are prone to overlook, such as:

  • Travel
  • Move-Out Expenses
  • New Home Expenses
  • Food


If you’re moving long distance, take the travel expense into consideration. Plane tickets, gas money, and lodging need to be allowed for, if necessary. If your move involves an overnight stay to reach your destination, go ahead and plan this part in advance. Make a reservation at a hotel so that you have that expense accounted for. This is helpful if you have children. If they are wondering ?how much longer? you can tell them with assurance that you are stopping at a certain point. You can involve them by handing them a map and ask them to keep track of how much farther you have to go.

Move-Out Expenses

It’s not always free to move out of your current home. You will need to shut off all utilities and services to your current home, and sometimes you have to pay a fee to move services to your new location. Situations where you have to move internet services are the ones where you usually have to pay a moving or reconnection fee. You also may need to clean the carpets, paint and patch holes, and clean the home professionally to make sure you leave the house in stellar condition.

New Home Expenses

Your new home may come with a few expenses off the bat. Go ahead and make a budget for any painting or repairs the place may need. Consider if you want to change the locks or have extra keys made. Does the carpet need to be cleaned before you move your furniture in? It’s always a good idea to keep a reserve on hand in case the unexpected arises. For instance, if you’re moving to Phoenix in the summer, it may be wise to have a budget for emergency air conditioning repair. If you are moving into a rental property, make sure that all deposits are taken care of in advance. If you have pets, make sure that you’ve paid any applicable pet deposits.


You probably won’t move with very much, if any, food. Plus, people don’t often wish to cook on the day they move into a new home. There are far too many other concerns. So, make a budget for a nice family meal out or find a new restaurant in your new area that can deliver a meal to your home.

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