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It’s important to request an estimate from a moving company prior to moving day. This way, you will know what to expect. During this time you can get to know your movers, on top of getting a handle on how each one prices their services. When they come to assess your moving job, have a few questions on hand for them. You might even write them down so that you learn as much as you need. I’ve narrowed down these questions to five key queries I find particularly important after my years in the moving business:

  • How Long Have You Been in Business?
  • Are Your Employees Full-Time?
  • What Kind of Storage do you Offer?
  • What are my Pricing Options?
  • Is This Too Good to be True?

How Long Have You Been In Business? This is a vital question. The longer a company has been around, the more likely it is that their policies and procedures have been time-tested and that they have served their community well. While Phoenix is a fairly large community, I know that reputations can be quickly ruined by a few bad moves. Company history matters.

Are Your Employees Full-Time? The men who will handle your personal items need to be invested in their company and in your well-being. This means that they need to be full-time, regular employees who take pride in doing a good job. Many companies rely on temporary help  or day-laborers who are not as skilled, experienced, or as careful on the job. They may be strong and well-meaning, but if they know that they won’t have to show up to the company the following day, they may not go that extra mile to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible.

What Kind Of Storage Do You Offer? There may be a case where you will have to leave a few items in storage. Make sure that your mover has your back on this. You may not need their service, but it’ll be good to know, just in case.

What Are My Pricing Options? Whoever you talk to about an estimate needs to be as knowledgeable about their pricing as possible. They should be able to assess your situation and quickly tell you what to expect on a final bill. If the estimator is not confident or knowledgeable, you might begin to ask why that is.

Is This Too Good To Be True? Ask this one of yourself. If a company’s estimate is far below the others and they are offering a lot based on that low cost, ask whether there may be trouble lurking in the fine-print. If something seems too good to be true, it often is. So, see if you can find references or testimonials from their past clients to verify their claims.

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