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Moving Seniors

As a person ages, it often becomes necessary to downsize their home. An elderly person living alone may not need all the space of the home they raised children in. However, given their advanced age, they may not be as capable of handling a move on their own as they one were. This post will discuss a few ways to help a senior transition into a new home.

Keep them Involved

Even if a senior is limited physically or even mentally, make sure they are involved every step of the way. No one likes to feel out of control of their lives, so the best thing you can do is to make them as much of a part of the process as possible. Some seniors may appreciate handing over all of the organizational tasks a move entails, but others may insist on absolute involvement. Pay attention to what your senior needs and try to act accordingly. If the senior is a parent, it may be difficult to take over the role they once served, but remember that your assistance is vital to their better health and well-being.

Prepare the New Home

If the senior is moving into another private residence, make sure that the residence is as senior-friendly as possible. Their bedroom must be on the first floor with a bathroom as nearby as possible. A single-floor home will be ideal for anyone with advanced years. In the bathroom, install grab bars in the bathtub and near the toilet. Even if they don’t need them immediately, they may come in handy and may prevent a fall later on. If there are stairs outside the home, have a ramp installed. Even a simple wooden ramp will be a great help for a senior toting groceries or other objects into the house.

Moving Day

On moving day, assess how much involvement your senior should have. If they are more agile and strong, let them help if they want to. But, make sure that there is plenty of water on hand and keep a chair handy in case they need to take a rest. Always keep walkways clear and keep an eye out in case they grab a box that is too heavy or unwieldy. In the best case scenario, hire a team of experienced movers to take care of all the heavy and not-so-heavy lifting.  This way, your older person can sit on the sidelines with you and enjoy the day. Moving day might be a good time to shop for kitchen items, bathroom essentials, or to buy something fun to add to the new home. Once all of their items are in the new home, make their bedroom and bathroom the first priority before unpacking and arranging the rest of the house.

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