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Full Service Moving Companies

A full-service moving company is one that can meet all of your needs from packing to moving to storage. If a company claims it can do it all, they also need to have the expertise to handle your most delicate items in addition to the simplest box full of pillows.

Careful Packing

When a company packs your items, they need to be careful with the delicate items and also highly organized to make sure you can find and sort your stuff when you arrive in your new home. When each box is appropriately labeled and all of the delicate items are individually wrapped, your move-in process will be so much easier. There may be items you need immediately or items that can wait for later, such as seasonal clothing or holiday items. A full-service moving company will help you organize everything.

Storage Facilities

If for some reason you cannot move everything into your new home on your designated moving day, a full-service moving company should have a plan to store your items. Make sure you review their contract to check on this in advance. You also want to have the ability to access your stuff just in case a favorite toy is left behind or suddenly you need a tuxedo for a special dinner. A well-organized storage facility is imperative for everyone, and you really don’t want to be stuck with extra fees just to access a few items.

Packing Materials

A full-service company will help you in every aspect of your move, including stocking you up with packing materials. If you’d rather pack yourself, but don’t have enough boxes, a moving company should be able to provide new, sturdy boxes as well as bubble wrap, tape and any other moving materials you may need. They may also provide pad wrapping for your larger items. Pad wraps are thick moving blankets secured around larger or delicate items with tape. They are a lifesaver for those large, delicate items of art or furniture.

Estate and Commercial Moves

A residential move is a good way to familiarize yourself with a moving company. If you have a business, a home move may be a good time to test out a moving company before committing to using one for your commercial moves. You can establish a relationship also in case you have a need to move a family member’s estate or if you need to one day have an antique or other item picked up and delivered. A full-service moving company should be able to cover all of these bases for you, ensuring that you never have to call another mover.

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