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Our Moving Process

What does it take to make a successful move? I believe it takes solid communication. Sure, organizing and labeling a room’s contents into boxes and pad-wrapping furniture are important, but communicating is something that is vital. After all, moving day is a major day in the history of your family, so to have everyone on the same page is really important. Here’s how we achieve that from start to finish:

1. Request Information

You can give us a call or send an e-mail through our website to get the ball rolling. On our home page, you can request a estimate and fill out a simple form detailing the sort of move you are looking for so we have a better idea what you need from us. We’ll get back to you pronto!

2. First Contact

Roger, our ace coordinator will get back to you and will talk you through the move. He will either go through an inventory of your home or do a thorough walk-through estimate.

3. Plan Your Move

Here, with our help, you can go through our special moving inventory sheet. This sheet is part of our comprehensive moving kit.

4. Free Estimate

Once we have a full inventory of what is involved on moving day, we can provide you with a rock-solid estimate. If you have a particularly large or commercial move, we will come out and personally assess the job. Our goal is to arrive at the most accurate estimate possible. There needn’t be any mistakes on moving day.

5. Schedule the Move

Now that we know what is all involved with your move, we will assign a team of movers, a truck, and have the team ready to go. We now have a date and time to move your family to your next home. Are you getting excited?

6. E-mail confirmations We have a series of e-mails that will help keep you on track to move. We know things get harried while you try to keep up with your day-to-day life while also making room to move. So, we keep you connected with these messages:

Booked estimate confirmation – this is for your date with our VP, Roger, who will do your in-person estimate

Booked Move Confirmation – we even provide photos of the men who will come to move your home.

Post-Move Confirmation – we want to know how you felt about our services, so we send out a survey.

7. Day of the Move

We’ll be there right on time with a fueled truck, a team of men, and plenty of clean, functional moving equipment to gently carry your possessions. Our lead mover will oversee the packing and preparations. Everything, including the corners and walls of your home, will be pad-wrapped for protection and loaded onto the truck according to size and weight. The lead mover will also set out a master plan to ensure that your move goes as efficiently as possible.

8. Final Walkthrough of Your Old Home

We walk through with you to ensure that everything has been moved and that you are satisfied with the move.

9. Your New Home

Upon arrival to your destination, we unpack the truck, disassembling all of the packing and placing your possessions in your new rooms. Since everything has been labeled and sorted this is a rather fast process. We will stick around to place your furniture exactly where you like it. Take a second look, if you want to move the sofa across the room, we’re happy to accommodate.

We like to get an early start, especially when we’re trying to avoid the main heat of the day. This means you can begin arranging your clothes, etc. at least by the end of the day. It really is that easy. We make this our profession, so you know we’ll have your job sorted out quickly and efficiently. Let’s get started!

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.