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Estate Movers

Moving a family estate can be a delicate process. Often the move will involve special, antique furniture, fine china, and family heirlooms that are beyond value. When you need to move or store these items, make sure that you take special care so that your possessions are properly handled and aren’t damaged in the process.


Insurance can provide the peace of mind you need when moving delicate items. While your family’s items are likely beyond monetary value, protecting them with an insurance policy is sometimes the best you can do. In the case of a china set, it may be possible to replace a few items, if, for instance, a plate or cup were to break. If the damage is minor, insurance may also cover a specialist’s cost to repair a piece. There are special moving insurance policies available from some top insurers, so paying a minor premium might just give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Trustworthy Movers

If you hire movers, make sure you shop around. Be certain to get an estimate. Check their references. If you have lots of fragile and delicate items, see if they have a track record of handling items such as these. Check to make sure that they are insured and ask about the actual men who will be moving your items: see if they are regular, full-time employees and make sure those men have experience handling the exact sort of items you have. There are a lot of rogue movers in the world, so when you move your family’s precious possessions, make sure that the company you hire is worthy of the job.

Secure Storage

When a family is dealing with an estate, often there is a period of time that items must be stored before they are sent on to their new home. So, look for a moving company that has storage facilities adequate to your family’s needs. Find out whether the items will remain wrapped while in storage and if you will have access to them while they are being stored. Some facilities will charge to pull out a single box, so inspect the storage agreement to make sure it suits your needs. Also, take a close look at their warehouse and see how they handle the inventory of stored items. You want to make sure your family’s most prized possessions are not lost due to some clerical error.

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