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Residential Moves

When you move, you want the best possible experience. You want your possessions handled safely, the move to be expedient and efficient, and for the costs to be contained. That’s why we start working on these things from the moment you make contact with us. You provide the scope of your job and immediately we begin to calculate the cost. Smaller residential moves may suffice with a phone estimate, but larger moves will certainly benefit from an in-home estimate. 

I’ll use this post about residential moves to walk you through a typical process for us and explain the importance of the estimate in all areas so you know what to expect no matter where you go.

  1. The Estimate

All moves start with an estimate. How much will this cost? That’s a great question, and there is no cookie-cutter answer. You can get a better idea of what your move entails if you download our Moving Success Kit, where you will find the exact sheet we use on our estimates. The more rooms, the more stuff, the larger the stuff, the more delicate the stuff, of course the numbers of the move will change accordingly.

During the estimate process, every aspect of your move is assessed. How much furniture do you have? How many boxes will each room require? The furniture will all need to be pad-wrapped and certain spots in your home may need padding, too. If, for instance, a wide sofa will need to go around a corner, you’ll want to pad-wrap that. If you want to learn more about pad-wrapping, you can find out here.

  1. Preparation

The estimate process does a few things. First, it lets you become acquainted with your mover and how they operate. Then, they are able to sum-up the job. This not only helps get you an accurate estimate, but also helps your mover prepare. The more preparation, the faster the movers will be when it comes to moving day. If your team of pros knows what to expect, they will move through your moving day with ease. You can sit back and enjoy the day. Who can ever say that about moving?

  1. Time and Materials

Lots of moving companies are time and materials companies, and because of this, the estimate process continues to work in your favor. When the movers know what to anticipate, they can give you an accurate assessment of how much time it will take. Plus, they will know what sort of materials will be involved, including the gas it will take to drive your possessions over to your new home. For example, our fee is based on the amount of time it takes us to move you, plus the actual cost of the materials used.

  1. Home Free

Finding a new home, going through the loan application process or the finding the right leasing agreements is not an easy process. It’s wonderful to finally find the right place for your family, so the last piece of the puzzle – moving day – should be as stress-free. Make sure you use a reputable company with references and reviews so you are able to trust your items will get from Point A to Point B with no issues. Then you are home free!

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.