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Summer Cleaning Tips

It’s summer in Phoenix and I hope you have some extra time on your hands. If you are thinking of moving, you’re likely to need to clean your soon-to-be old house or apartment for the next tenants/owners. With that in mind, I came up with a few cleaning tips which will be helpful in the summer months.

  • Use non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Be aware of the high heat.
  • Keep hydrated when doing any physical labor.
  • Pressure washers can make quick work of outside cleaning.

Non-Toxic Products

First off, I’d recommend using non-toxic cleaning products. The chemicals in the harsher cleaning products, combined with the hot temperatures, can make you dizzy or faint quickly. Plus, the non-toxic formulas are better for the ozone layer, which can certainly use help in Arizona!

Consider the Heat

One of the first things to consider in Phoenix is always the heat. With that in mind, I’d recommend cleaning on the upper floors during the early morning, or a few hours after sundown. You can save on your utility bill by not having your AC on full blast just so you can clean. Cleaning is not as strenuous as moving a baby grand piano, but it does get you moving and sweating.

Stay Hydrated

Keep plenty of water handy when cleaning. Our dry climate will evaporate your perspiration and you may not realize how much fluid you’re losing while scrubbing the bathtub or mopping your wood floors. We always tell our guys to stay super-hydrated, so I want to remind you to do the same.

Pressure Wash

If you have outdoor patio areas to clean, consider buying or renting a pressure washer. These devices can save you a lot of time and energy. You’ll be proud to show off your home when friends drop over for a pool party. I’d try to do this early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day. There are non-toxic detergents which you can use without worrying whether they will harm your plants or yourself.

I also use my pressure washer to do the exterior windows. The desert dust seems to love our house and once I’m done everyone is so pleased with the ?crystal clear? view we have. These little miracles can also do wonders on your carport floor, driveway, and vinyl siding. Be careful using high pressure on untreated concrete, however, since you might end up eroding your driveway. Find a remote corner to test the pressure before you get to work on the whole area.

Summer is a good time to do deep cleaning of your home, even if you’ll be moving soon. By taking a few extra steps, it can be a fun and safe job.

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