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Summer Storage Tips

Summer in Phoenix is hard on everything, including your items in storage. However, we’re sometimes caught in between homes due to a hiccup with a closing date on our new house or perhaps our dream house is being renovated while we take up residence in an apartment for a few months. Regardless, we need to place our extra belongings into storage before making the final move into our home. Before you put your stuff into storage, we have a few tips for you:

  • Clean your clothes prior to storing them and be sure they are 100% dry prior to placing them in a sealed box. Since we have such a dry climate, there should be no other worry about mildew.
  • Use a climate controlled unit, such as the one we have here at Get Your Move On.
  • Lavender or cedar keeps your clothes smelling far better than moth balls and their odor is easier to wash away.
  • Condition all of your skis and other sporting goods with wax
  •  Rub your wooden furniture down with an orange oil-based furniture polish to help preserve them while they sit idle in a dry climate.
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap can also clean protect your wood furniture.

Our facilities are all climate-controlled, so there should be little worry for your possessions. However, this is a good time to condition and take special care of these items. We will pamper them plenty, though. Each furniture item is pad-wrapped for extra safety.

We not only take special care to protect your items, but we take great care to inventory every item in our warehouse. Then, your possessions are grouped according to the room they belong to. We know where every box and stick of furniture is in our warehouse and we keep all of that information handy. So, if you need something special from our storage space, give us a little lead time, call ahead, and we’ll look it up then have it waiting for you when you arrive.

The cost of storage is very reasonable and we never charge if you need to access a special item. Not every mover or storage service will allow that, some even charge their clients exorbitant fees to access that special box of summer clothes.

Your items will be safe and secure with us in your time of transition. I hope you can take time to get out and enjoy one of the greatest cities during our summer glory!

We are still open through the Covid-19 health crisis. Governor Ducey deems moving as an essential service, click here for more details.